External Reviewer Site Visit

Preparing for the Site Visit

  • Several weeks in advance of the reviewer’s visit, the department chair or academic program director will email the reviewer the program review and all of the supporting materials.
  • Site visits are generally scheduled as one-day events.
  • Working in coordination with the dean and the Office of the Provost, department chairs or academic program directors should schedule meetings and interviews that include an entry meeting with the provost, an entry meeting with the dean, meetings with program faculty (both full-time and adjunct), meeting with students, additional meetings as requested by the reviewer, and an exit interview with the dean and/or provost. The program may include meetings with alumni and/or employers and other program constituents.
    • Deans, chairs, or academic program directors may also consult with the external reviewer about who he/she would like to meet with, in addition to the meetings on the schedule.
    • The following is an example of what a site visit might include:
      • Breakfast with department chair
      • Tour of all relevant facilities
      • Meeting with school dean
      • Meeting with the provost
      • Meeting with full-time faculty
      • Working lunch
      • Meeting with students
      • Meeting with department staff
      • Review of student work
      • Classroom visit
      • Meeting with adjunct faculty
      • Exit meeting with the provost, dean, associate dean, and department chair/academic program director
  • The chair or program director should provide an assistant to escort the reviewer to and from meetings. Departments may also provide external reviewers with an office or room for use during the visit.
  • At the exit meeting with the provost, the external reviewer should summarize his/her main findings and recommendations. Prior to the exit meeting, the reviewer might need time alone to review the day and prepare notes for the summary.