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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships and campus employment are available to eligible graduate students wishing to offset the cost of their education.

Graduate assistantships (GA) provide tuition waiver for up to 9 graduate credits in exchange for service to the University. Full-time graduate students (9 graduate credits) preferred; Part-time students must be taking at least 6 graduate credits. There are three categories of GA: full time GA waives 9 graduate credits in exchange for 20 hrs work weekly; 2/3 GA waives 6 graduate credits in exchange for 14 hours work weekly; 1/3 GA waives 3 credits in exchange for 7 hours work weekly. Marymount University is an AA/EEO employer. The University has approximately 80 GA positions. A list of GA positions for each school can be obtained from Graduate Admissions. Students apply for a GA position through the Marymount Jobs site. Graduate admissions can help identify when each position will be posted.

Campus Employment is available to full-time students. The University pays these students from its own resources. Students apply for jobs through the Student Employment Office.

To apply for a graduate assistantship position:

  • Please read the descriptions of the positions below and check that you have the required skills for the positions before applying for them. Please only apply to positions that are currently open and have an assigned job number in red.
  • To apply, visit the Marymount Jobs site.
  • Follow the instructions to create an applicant user account. Create a Graduate Assistantship applications and apply to the postings in which you are interested. Be sure to attach your resume to each position for which you would like to be considered.

Administration of Assistantships:

  • University policies for Graduate Assistantships
  • Supervisor’s evaluation form
  • Assistant’s evaluation form

Other Sources of Funding:

  • For more information about other sources of funding, please click on this link.