Dr. Skye Donovan


Department Chair

Physical Therapy

Skye Donovan

Contact Information

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Academic Credentials

BS, Ursinius College
MS, Texas Woman's University
PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist
Licensed Physical Therapist in VA

Teaching Areas

  • Applied Pathophysiology
  • Gross Anatomy
  • Exercise Physiology

Research Interests

  • Surgical and rehabilitation outcomes for orthopedic conditions
  • Physical Therapist Education
  • Impact of Go Baby Go modified cars on mobility and social interactions in children


Skye is the program director for Marymount University’s physical therapy department, where she also serves as a professor. Her areas of practice include orthopedics and sports medicine. She presents her research at national meetings, such as those of the APTA, ACSM and the Arthroscopy Association of North America. She also publishes in a variety of peer-reviewed rehabilitation and health-care management journals.
As an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Skye has served in several leadership roles including acting as the Combined Sections Meeting Planning Co-Chair, serving on the student leadership taskforce, and as a member of the Centennial planning committee. Skye is also the Co-Chair of the Virginia PT association education committee. You can follow her on Twitter at @JSkyeDonovan.
Publications and Presentations 2015-Present:

Design a better group experience for DPT students using Strengthsfinder. Megan Moran, Skye Donovan, Linda Christie. Education Session: ELC 2019, Seattle, WA.
The role of stability training in management of athletic pubalgia and hip labral pathology. Poster presentation: Megan Moran, Katherine Rogowski, Skye Donovan and Robert Metzger.
The APTA- Your not so secret weapon. Dan Dale, Skye Donovan, Jason Bellamy, Lisa Marie Finnegan, Kaylee Pobocik. Education session: APTA NEXT 2019 Chicago, IL
Please Touch: Mobility and Movement-Related Research, Design and Technology. Skye Donovan, Jason Craig, Cole Galloway, Jennifer Tucker. Education session: APTA NEXT Conference 2019 Chicago, IL & 2018 Orlando, FL.
Innovation Among the Deceased - Anatomy Education Revisited. Skye Donovan, Jason Craig, Kelly Negley. Education session:  for ELC 2018 Jacksonville, FL.
PT and PTA Students’ Clinical Reasoning: What? So What? Now What? Skye Donovan, Jason Craig, Diana Venskus. Education session: APTA NEXT Conference 2017 Boston, MA
Building APTA Membership and Advancing Physical Therapy. Skye Donovan, Jimmy McKay, Carrie Pagliano, Sharon Dunn. Education session: APTA NEXT Conference 2017 Boston, MA
Women’s Health in a DPT Curriculum: Integration Without Adding to Academic Bloat. Skye Donovan and Carrie Pagliano. Education session: APTA CSM 2018. New Orleans, LA.
Beyond FITT-ness: Changing How We Teach Therapeutic Exercise in a DPT Curriculum. Skye Donovan and Megan Brown. Education session: APTA CSM 2018. New Orleans, LA.
Tibial plateau fracture in a professional musical athlete participating in drum corps: A case report. Carolyn Drislane, Cora Ray, Skye Donovan. Poster presentation APTA CSM 2017. San Antonio, TX. 
The efficacy of trigger point dry needling in improving recovery in collegiate level pitchers. David Fathlikhani, Skye Donovan, Todd Hooks. Poster presentation APTA NEXT conference 2016. Nashville, TN
Correlation between patient biometric hip data and arthroscopic measurements and operative time. Derek Ochiai, Gilberto Alvarado, James Lee, Skye Donovan. Platform presentation: ISHA meeting 2015 Cambridge, England.
Enabling learning when class is done. Jason Craig and Skye Donovan. Education session: Education Leadership Conference meeting of APTA 2015. Baltimore, MD 
Nirschl R, Helming J, Jafari M, Adib F, Donovan S. Bilateral rotator cuff repair utilizing augmentation nine patch grafts over 24 years in one patient with polio paraplegia. A Case Report. Case studies in surgery. 2016 2(4): 1-5.
Ochiai D, Donovan S, Adib F, Guidi E. Variation in planned resection of CAM FAI based on surgeon experience. Adv in Orthop Surg 2015 article ID 239601 5 pages.