English & Humanities (M.A.)

Marymount's 33-credit Master of Arts in English and Humanities is a flexible, student-centered, interdisciplinary program of study that immerses students in the unique cultural resources and opportunities of the Washington, DC, area while deepening their understanding of the human condition. Graduate study in the humanities enhances historical consciousness, fosters clear and critical thinking, and hones writing and presentation skills. The program’s small seminar classes engage students with the world of ideas through close textual study, individual research, and classroom discussion.

The MA program in English and Humanities prepares students for an array of academic and alternative academic futures. The program prepares students for further advanced study and entry into competitive doctoral programs; for career development or advancement in secondary and community college teaching; or for master's-level careers invested in research, writing, editing, and the nonprofit sector.

Program Completion

You can complete your program with either a thesis or an internship practicum.

Graduate Program in English & Humanities

Dr. Marguerite Rippy, Director
(703) 526-6805

G122 Butler Hall
Marymount University
2807 N. Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22207

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English and the Humanities (M.A.)

English and the Humanities (M.A.)