Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout our tenure, we have found that many of you will have questions surrounding the NSTAR process. Take a look below to see if we can answer any questions you may have. 

What if I can’t come on any of the NSO dates?


Email the Orientation Office or call (703) 284-5706 immediately for further information.

What should I do if I can’t attend the NSO I signed up for?


Email the Orientation Office or call (703) 284-5706 immediately. Otherwise the schedule you create will be deleted from the system.

Does it matter which orientation session I attend?


No, it does not matter. Your schedule will be saved for you as long as you attend an orientation session.

How do I complete my Directed Self-Placement (DSP)?


Please see the DSP Instructions page on the Academic Advising Center's website for DSP instructions and troubleshooting.

What if I want to change my major or my schedule after I register?


If you want to change your schedule after you have registered, contact your advisor via email. If you do not have your advisor's email, contact the Academic Advising Center and we will assist you. You can also change your schedule with an advisor when you come to NSO.

I have generated my student account, registered for an orientation session, and completed my Directed Self-Placement (DSP). Now, what do I do?


Once you have completed these items, the next step is to register for classes. Class registration is open May 30 – June 13. Prior to May 30, you can browse classes and even list them as "preferred" in your Marynet account. Just remember, you're not enrolled in them until you register. Your academic advisor will reach out to you about setting up an appointment to register. 

Log in to Marynet and select Marynet for Students > Register for Sections. In the options, select "Search and Register for Classes." You can use this option if you would like to look for sections, add them to your preferred list of sections, and later register for them. For more information on registering for classes, see the Office of the Registrar. 

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