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3E Summer Camp - Explore, Enrich, Enjoy

At Marymount's 3E Summer Camp, we will create a fun environment for campers supported by Marymount education students as they assist campers with exploring interests, enjoying projects, and enriching their summer experience. Marymount's 3E Summer Camp is for campers who want a happy and safe space in which to create new social connections and grow academically. Campers will be in small groups with a low camper to counselor ratio and guided by Marymount University Department of Education faculty and students.

Throughout each week of camp, campers will be able to choose among a variety of projects that pique their interest. Choices allow campers to enjoy many areas of personal interest. Social activities include playing games/sports, and developing leadership skills. Academic projects include exploring science through nature and electronic gadgets, mathematics through making boats and geodesic domes, language arts through writing stories, and fine arts through creating dramas and cartoons.

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