Scholars Programs

Marymount University provides a unique opportunity for students who are seeking a challenging academic experience. The following programs have specific deadlines, please refer to the website for details or contact Undergraduate Admissions for additional information.

Honors Program Scholarship

The Honors Program is comprised of a diverse community of students seeking academic challenges and opportunities to enhance their college experience. All academic schools are represented within the program, and students from all majors are encouraged to apply to the program. The Honors Program encourages students to become independent, critical thinkers. It challenges them intellectually and promotes academic excellence on campus.

The Honors Program have strict deadlines and must be completed by:
  • November 1 for spring entry AND fall entry
  • January 15 for fall entry
  • March 1 for fall entry

The Honors program application is not yet available

Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship for Women in Science and Mathematics

Marymount University is one of 13 designated institutions in the Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship Program, which promotes the advancement of women through higher education in the sciences and mathematics. Clare Boothe Luce Scholarships are awarded competitively and are based on a full review of the applicant’s academic record, standardized test scores, career and education goals, and the completed scholarship application. Each Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship provides full financial support to the recipient, covering tuition and on-campus room and board expenses.


The Clare Booth Luce application is not yet available

Spirit of Service Award Scholarship

Marymount University strives to foster in its students a spirit of service to others, a concern for social justice, and a commitment to living in an ethically responsible way. The Spirit of Service Scholarship is open to students who have met high academic standards and have an outstanding record of volunteer service activities in their high school, church, and/or community agencies. Spirit of Service Scholarship awards range from $2,000 to $5,000. Spirit of Service Scholars must complete 60 hours of volunteer service work each semester to maintain their scholarship.

The Spirt of Service application is not yet available

Physical Therapy (PT) Scholars

This competitive program, open to first-time college students, guarantees admission into the Physical Therapy (PT) doctoral program to a select group of well-qualified incoming freshmen. These students, chosen by the PT Admissions Committee, must meet stringent acceptance and continuation requirements. To be accepted into the program, a student must have
  • a score of 1100 or above on SATs;
  • a high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or above;
  • a high school mathematics and science GPA of 3.5 or above, or its equivalent;
  • 3 years of high school science (chemistry, biology, and physics preferred);
  • 3 years of high school mathematics;
  • 4 years of high school English; and
  • completed the essay portion of the Marymount University undergraduate admissions application.

To continue in the program, a student must

  • maintain an overall GPA of 3.5.
  • maintain a science GPA of 3.5 (A science GPA is defined as the grades received in the prerequisite science courses).
  • demonstrate active involvement in the greater Marymount community.
  • complete 40 hours of observation or volunteer service work in a physical therapy clinical setting, verified by a physical therapist from the clinical setting. These hours may be completed at more than one clinical facility.
  • obtain a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in the student’s academic major.
  • maintain communication with PT department faculty liaison.
  • complete Physical Therapy Centralized Application System (PTCAS) online application by the established deadline.

Decisions regarding general undergraduate admission to the University and admission to the PT Scholars Program are done separately.

The Physical Therapy application is not yet open

Global Scholars

The Marymount University Global Scholars Program offers motivated students in all disciplines the opportunity to expand their global perspective through a variety of unique and dynamic intercultural learning opportunities. Global Scholars will explore global issues and develop their intercultural competency through focused coursework, guided research, language proficiency, and global learning experiences. Global Scholars form a distinct community of learners at Marymount. Their exposure to diverse intercultural experiences will help them develop the skills and knowledge needed for success in the global marketplace.


The Global Scholar application is not yet open

Forensic and Legal Psychology Scholars

If you are interested in the field of Forensic and Legal Psychology and have a strong academic profile, Marymount's Forensic Scholars Program offers you an opportunity to guarantee your place in the university's graduate Forensic and Legal Psychology program. While other undergraduates will need to apply to the graduate program, qualifying Forensic Scholars are exempt from this process. The Forensic Scholars Program is open to a select group of incoming first-year and transfer students who are chosen by the Forensic Admissions committee and must meet stringent continuation requirements.

The Forensic and Legal Psychology application is not yet open

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