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Outside Scholarships

 Outside scholarships are offered through private agencies and organizations such as high schools, community organizations, scholarship foundations, employers and government agencies. Criteria for these scholarships generally include academic performance, financial need, underrepresented groups, volunteerism, heritage, community affiliations or other unique factors important to the sponsoring individual or organization. Students are encouraged to apply to as many external scholarships as possible.  You are advised that you should never have to pay for searching for free scholarship funds.

Outside scholarships are not affiliated with Marymount University. The listing of outside scholarships on this page is for informational purposes only and students should exercise caution when pursuing these awards. Marymount University does not endorse, recommend, nor have any views or opinions as expressed by the external websites listed. In addition, the Financial Aid Office cannot guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of information at any external links or particular deadlines. As a student, please review all scholarship information and materials carefully before submitting any application at your own risk and discretion.  

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Outside Scholarships