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Register for SAS (Accommodations)

BEFORE any disability/ADA accommodations can be provided for a current or incoming student at MU, students must COMPLETE the SAS registration process described below and in the SAS brochure. 

Students who have already completed this process should read the SAS Student Checklist for instructions on how to use their approved accommodations

STEP 1. SEND required docs to the SAS office, directly

Marymount University
Student Access Services (SAS) 
c/o Center for Teaching and Learning 
2807 North Glebe Rd.
Arlington, VA 22207

Access (e-mail)
703-284-6485 (fax)

To expedite this step of the process, please review the disability documentation requirements linked above before contacting SAS for an appointment*. As stated in the doc requirements, an IEP is not sufficient and must be submitted with the psychoeducational evaluation and/or other supporting medical record (i.e., neuropsych report).

As described in the SAS "Extended Policies" section, some accommodation requests (i.e., housing, support animals) will require the student to submit additional forms and disability documentation (i.e., updated doctor's letter, animal vaccination records) to SAS and/or other appropriate MU depts, as noted in the extended policies

STEP 2. Schedule intake meeting* with the SAS Director: 

Submitting documentation does not automatically register a student with SAS. Students must schedule and attend an intake meeting, to determine eligibility for services and to discuss what accommodations would be most reasonable and appropriate at Marymount.

Intake meetings take about 1 hour and can be conducted on campus, over the telephone, or via Skype video call, upon request. Students may wish to bring a parent or advocate with them to this meeting.

-At the end or after the intake meeting... 

Students who have been approved by the SAS Director for academic accommodations will receive a Faculty Contact Sheet (MU's official "letter of academic accommodations") to sign and review with each professor that semester. Students should request a new digital copy of their FCS** before the start of each semester from Access, or schedule a follow-up meeting with the SAS Director to discuss any concerns. 

  • If housing accommodations or other non-classroom access services (i.e., sign language interpreters for a campus event) have been approved by SAS, the MU dept. responsible for providing the accommodation will receive a notification from SAS.  

All incoming freshman, transfers, and returning students can schedule an intake meeting with the SAS Director.

SCHEDULING INSTRUCTIONS: After you log-in to Canvas,

  • Select the "Starfish" tab from the menu,
  • Click on the "My Success Networks" link (on the left),
  • Scroll down to the appointments for the "SAS Director", and
  • Reserve an open date and time.
Use Firefox Mozilla or Google Chrome as your web browser, when using Canvas, in order to ensure your access to Starfish.

Please contact the CTL front desk support staff, if you are having difficulty with scheduling your appointment online: 703-284-1538,, or use the scheduling kiosk at the CTL front desk in Rowley Hall G105. For technical Starfish questions, e-mail the Starfish Administrator,
**HOW TO GET YOUR FCS (letter of accommodations)
The first 2-3 weeks of the semester are very busy for many MU support offices, so it is important to secure a current copy of your SAS FCS (Faculty Contact Sheet) early, before the start of the upcoming semester. If you only need another copy of your already existing FCS and do not need to make changes to your approved accommodations, you are not required to make an appointment with the SAS Director. Please send a request for letters to: Accessfor a new copy, or walk-in to the CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning), in Rowley G105, to make your request to our friendly front desk staff, during normal business hours.

Students will be provided with plenty of hardcopies of the letter, and a digital copy can be forwarded, directly from SAS to the student's MU e-mail address. Every semester, it's the student’s responsibility to obtain a currently-dated letter from SAS, to meet with each professor and deliver a copy of the letter, to discuss their accommodations and related academic concerns with their professors, and to obtain each professor's signature(s) on the Faculty-Student SIGNATURE Page of the FCS. Students who are concerned about their ability to communicate with their professor(s) may seek consultation from the Director of SAS beforehand.

Sven Jones, MPM, MA, MA

Director - Student Access Services

Maureen Dour

Learning Specialist - Access Services

Student Access Services

Phone: (703) 284-1538
Fax: (703) 284-6485

Office Location

Rowley Hall, G105