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Public Access & Student Accommodations; Division of Responsibility

Important access distinctions must be made when thinking about access and who at the university is responsible for what area of accessibility.  The below listed points break down access into three major access areas: 1) General Public; 2) Individual Student Accommodations; and 3) Employee Accommodations.
  • General Public – Multiple Campus Offices manage public access needs depending upon what that need is.  “General access” refers to all persons with disabilities regardless of status as a Marymount student.  Public accessibility does not require students or any other person on campus to reveal themselves as disabled to SAS and be approved to use accommodations by SAS. 
    • Facilities:  Responsible for physical access to public/common areas, entry and exit of buildings, bathroom usage, engagement of transit services, path of travel across campus and usage of recreational areas.
    • Sponsoring Departments:  Responsible for access to events. Marymount events are often hosted by independent departments such as Athletics or Global Education or committees such as Orientation or Commencement.  Typically, each independent sponsoring department or committee is responsible for assuring special consideration for persons with disabilities.  These considerations include: event transit/shuttle service, seating, and event communications (e.g., interpreting services).
    • Campus Safety & Emergency Management:  Responsible for putting into place emergency plans on behalf of students, employees and the general public.
    • Provost’s Office:  Responsible for challenges around general access, when misunderstandings sometimes occur.
  • Individual Student Accommodations – Student Access Services provides individual students with accommodations to engage Marymount’s academic activities as well as many aspects of student life (e.g. Housing and Dining).  In order to receive accommodations, students must reveal themselves as having a disability and must be approved to use accommodations by SAS.
  • Individual Employee Accommodations – Human Resources is a key point of contact for employees when accommodations determinations must be made.