Testing Accommodation Requests

Testing Accommodations

Testing accommodations can improve access for students with disabilities, when the existing testing conditions are inaccessible for reasons unrelated to the essential course requirements. Based on individual eligibility, exam accommodations may include:

  • Additional time and/or quiet space* to complete exams
  • Use of a computer or read-aloud software

SAS now has a Testing Services brochure (available online and at the CTL front desk), outlining the steps required for a student to make test accommodation arrangements.

*The student may be placed in a quieter test setting, separate from the general class. If testing in the CTL, other students may be taking exams for other courses nearby. Due to limited space, the CTL Testing Services staff cannot provide completely isolated testing spaces. 

General Testing Procedures

Once approved by the SAS Director, students may take their graded in-class exams with accommodations, by making arrangements with the course instructor or by scheduling a testing appointment with the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) Testing Services. Accommodations are not automatically carried over between semesters so each student must obtain a current letter of accommodations for their professors EVERY SEMESTER. 

The student is responsible for coordinating each testing session with the professor and/or the CTL Testing Services, as appropriate. Generally speaking, the procedures are as follows: 

  1. The student is responsible for emailing and scheduling an appointment for a test at least 3 days prior to the exam date. Students who have not been approved for accommodations in the current semester will not be permitted to take exams in the CTL.
  2. Testing Services staff will e-mail the professor to send a blank Test Request Form for the professor to complete and send back to the CTL. The professor is responsible for delivering the exam and completed Test Request Form to the CTL prior to the scheduled exam date.
  3. The student will check in to the CTL 10 minutes before the start of the exam. He or she is responsible for presenting a current MU ID, and signing an honor pledge.
  4. The CTL staff proctors the test and returns all test materials to the professor.

For additional information or assistance, please e-mail the Center for Teaching & Learning or call the  front desk: (703) 284-1538.

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