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Getting Started / Requesting Accommodations Steps

STEP 1. Prepare to meet with SAS staff

Complete SAS forms and gather materials that may include the following:
  • Psycho-educational testing
  • Neuro-psychological testing
  • Medical assessments
  • Clinical history documentation
  • Letters written by qualified licensed professionals
  • IEP**
  • 504 Plan**

It is highly suggested that these materials be sent to the SAS office via the following methods before any scheduled meeting :

  • Mail to: Marymount University Student Access Services  2807 North Glebe Road Arlington, VA 22207
  • Hand deliver to: Student Academic Hub, 1005 Rowley Hall, Main Campus
  • Email:
  • Fax: 703-284-6485

STEP 2. Contact SAS to schedule appointment

  • Phone: 703-284-1538
  • Email:
  • Schedule an appointment through Starfish

STEP 3.  Meet with SAS staff 

  • Intake meetings tpically last about one hour and can be conducted on campus, over the telephone, or via Skype video call, upon request.  Students may choose to bring a parent or advocate with them to this meeting.
  • Students are required to participate in the interactive process.  During this meeting, students should be prepared to discuss:
    • Requested services, supports and accommodations
    • Services and accommodations used in the past
    • Any impairments and how they affect/impact daily functioning; specifiically within an academic setting
    • Any impairments and how they limit access to learning, and engagement within various environments
    • Current medications and how they affect/impact daily functioning; specifiically within an academic setting 
**Information that is provided by public and private special education programs (e.g., IEP, 504 Plan, Social History, Special Education Eligibility) may be helpful, but they generally do not have enough information to support registering as an adult with a disability. 


Sven Jones, MPM, MA, MA

Director - Student Access Services

Maureen Dour, MS

Learning Specialist - Student Access Services

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Rowley 1005, Main Campus

Contact Information

Phone: (703) 284-1538
Fax: (703) 284-6485