Spring 2020 DSC-101

Come DISCOVER with us!!

The curriculum and co-curricular experiences at Marymount University are designed to support each member of the community in a life-long journey of discovery:  Discovery of self, of others, of the world around us, of other places and times, and of ideas.  Thus you, as an entering student, will take a one-credit Discover (DSC) 201 course.  These courses are designed to allow you to engage with the professor in inquiry into, and open-ended exploration of, a topic or concept of interest to the instructor who might otherwise not have the opportunity to investigate that question.  We want to promote not just the skills needed for you to find solutions to problems – but we also want to help you ask good questions and engage in debate in a community of other students all beginning their exciting Marymount adventure.

We're also very excited about the "peer mentor" aspect of our Discover program.  Each section has an experienced MU student who has been selected for their enthusiasm, approachability, understanding of Marymount and its systems, and commitment to supporting new students.  The peer mentors work with and complement the faculty in the teaching of the DSC classes and serve as a resource to you as you adjust to college life and the Marymount way.

We hope you find the array of topics for the DSC classes intriguing!  And we encourage you to let your advisor know which of the sections would be of most interest to you so that your advisor can then help build the rest of your schedule around your DSC experience.

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Spring 2020 DSC-101 Course Descriptions

DSC-101-B Discover Your Creativity
DSC-101-C Spreadsheets
DSC-101-D Turtling and Turtle Experiments


Discover Your Creativity   

This class is about unleashing your creativity and making friends as we enjoy being at Marymount.  We will conduct inquiry-based learning activities about the field of creativity.  We will engage actively during class to spark and to deepen your creativity, your study skills, your memory, your presentation skills, and your writing skills.  You will be guided through the process of writing a paper on a topic of your choice and apply creativity to your areas of interest.  We will learn about each other, about creativity and about succeeding at Marymount and in life.

Instructor: Dr. Ana Lado   



Do you want to:

  • Understand spreadsheet software and identify Excel 2016 window components?
  • Create, edit, and manipulate formulas and functions in different data sets?
  • Apply conditional and other types of formatting to worksheets, values, and patterns?
  • Identify data relationships and visualize information in different graphic representations?
  • Analyze and consolidate data in addition to understanding logic formulas?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then this section is for you!

Instructor: Micheline Al Harrack


Turtling and Turtle Experiments   

This course requires that you care for a pair of hatchling turtles throughout the semester.  You will make observations on these turtles and ask questions about them.  Through this observation you will design an experiment and then challenge your peers to collect the data you need to better understand your question.  A field trip will also engage the class in actively catching a few wild turtles to see what kinds of turtles live in the local ponds of Virginia.

Instructor: Dr. Todd Rimkus

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