Environmental Science

HCC Course & Title HCC Credits MU Course & Title-Core Designation MU Credits
ENST 105 Environmental Science + ENST 115 Environmental Science Lab                                 3 + 1 BIO 110 Introduction to Environmental Science (meets NS Natural Science requirement) + BIO 110L Introduction to Environmental Science Lab 3 + 1
ENST 220 Fundamentals of Soil Science 3 BIO 900 Biology Elective 3
ENST 233 Introduction to Environmental Health 3 BIO 900 Biology Elective 3


  • BIO 900 is an elective that counts toward the 120 hours required for graduation. It does not, however, fulfill Marymount's Liberal Arts Core requirements and may or may not fulfill major requirements.
  • Courses with an "NS" designation, including BIO 901, count toward Marymount's Liberal Arts Core requirement for a Natural Science.