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GMU Course & Title GMU Credits MU Course & Title-Core Designation MU Credits
PSYC 100 Basic Concepts in Psychology 3 PSY 101 General Psychology (meets SS-1 Introductory Social Science requirement) 3
PSYC 211 Developmental Psychology 3 PSY 110 Human Growth and Development (meets SS-1 Introductory Social Science requirement) 3
PSY 300 Statistics in Psychology 4 PSY 201 Statistics for Social Sciences + PSY 900 Psychology Elective 3 + 1
  • Courses with a "SS-1" designation count toward Marymount's Liberal Arts Core requirement for an Introductory Social Science course.
  • PSY 900 is an unspecified elective that counts toward the 120 hours required for graduation. It does not, however, fulfill Marymount's Liberal Arts Core requirements.