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Spring 2019 Mini-Mester Information

Marymount University will be offering several "mini-mester" courses in Spring 2019. These are intensive, 8-week courses offered throughout the semester.

Spring 2019 Mini-Mester Courses

First Mini-Mester Session (January 14, 2019-March 9, 2019):

  • IT-110-MNOL1 (online)

Second Mini-Mester Session (March 18, 2019-May 11, 2019):

  • IT-345-MNOL2 (online)
  • MA-132-MNOL2 (online)

    Important Deadlines

First Mini-Mester Session:

  • Dates: January 14-March 9
  • Last day to add: Wednesday, January 16
  • Last day to drop without academic record: Friday, January 18
  • Last day to withdraw with a grade of W: Friday, January 25

Second Mini-Mester Session:

  • Dates: March 18-May 11
  • Last day to add: Wednesday, March 20
  • Last day to drop without academic record: Friday, March 22
  • Last day to withdraw with a grade of W: Friday, March 29

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am a current Marymount student. Can I take a Mini-Mester course?
A: Yes! As long as you are not currently enrolled for the course in Spring 2019 and have not taken a W grade in the same course, you are eligible to enroll in a Mini-Mester course. Ask your associate or assistant dean for more information and approval to enroll.

Q: How do I enroll for a Mini-Mester course?
A: Please contact your associate or assistant dean for approval to register.

Q: How much does a Mini-Mester course cost?
A: Each Mini-Mester class is a three credit course. Marymount's standard tuition and fees apply. 

Q: I'm interested in applying to Marymount and enroll in the Mini-Mester. Will I qualify for any financial aid?
A: All students applying to the Mini-Mester will be considered non-degree. Non-degree students are not eligible for scholarships or financial aid. For more specifics about cost or available payment plans, please contact our admissions office.

Q: I'm a current MU student. Will my existing financial aid apply to the cost of the mini-mester? 
A: Yes! If you're a full time, degree-seeking MU student, our standard tuition and fees apply. Remember, you must pay standard credit hour costs for any credit hours over eighteen per semester. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if you have additional questions.