My MU Plan (Student Planning)

Welcome to "My MU Plan," an exciting new student planning tool for advisors and students! This new tool replaces the old Marynet registration method and enhances the student experience of scheduling and registering for classes. In addition, "My MU Plan" introduces new features that enable students to plan their entire academic career at Marymount and track their progress towards graduation.

To assist students and advisors in navigating "My MU Plan", the Office of the Registrar has created several guides.  Videos outlining some of the key features in "My MU Plan" will be available soon.

For Students:
Comprehensive Guides (Updated: 8/14/17)
"My MU Plan" 101 - Student Edition

Supplementary Guides & Videos
Timeline 101: Timeline-101  Updated: 8/25/17 
Registration 101: Registration-101 Updated: 8/25/17 
Course Catalog 101: Course Catalog-101 Updated: 8/25/17
My Progress 101: My Progress-101 Updated: 8/25/17

For Advisors:
Comprehensive Guide (Updated: 8/14/17)
"My MU Plan" 101 - Advisor Edition

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