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Office of the Registrar Data Request

Ad Hoc data requests may be submitted by completing the Data Request form found below.  If you are a student and need information from the registrar,  please do not use this form, contact the office here

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Marymount University strictly adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy act of 1974 (FERPA), as amended (Public Law 93-380).  Please know this law by reading our policy here.  Also, familiarize yourself with Marymount's Statement on Confidential Data & Information here

The annual official data sets on official enrollment reports, The Marymount University Fact Book, common data sets, and benchmarking reports produced by the Office of Planning & Institutional Effectiveness may also contain some of the data you are looking for, please review it here before making your request. 

Data Request

Position at MU:

Select as many as needed
Please give department or division this data will be used by.
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Please give a detailed summary of what your data needs are. Include the type of information you would like to see on the return report. (i.e., student names, grade level, MU email, etc...)
Please indicate what your business need is for this the data request. Also, indicate who in your area will have access to this data.
All requests must give at least 48 hours for initial discovery and turn around. Please give a reasonable amount of time for your request to be filled; ASAP cannot usually be accommodated.
Please upload or email any supporting materials you may have to help create the final results of your data needs.

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