The Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area
Marymount University is a member of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Eligible students may take approved courses at member institutions.

The Consortium Registration Form is available here.


Students are eligible to participate in the Consortium cross-registration program if:

  • They are a degree-seeking student in good academic standing.
  • They receive academic approval from your advisor and school associate dean.
  • They receive administrative approval from Marymount’s Consortium coordinator in the Registrar’s Office.

Be sure to take note of the the Consortium Limitations and Restrictions below.

If registration is approved, both Marymount and the student will receive approval from the visiting institution.

To ensure that all grades are reported in time for graduation, it is strongly advised that students do not take a Consortium course during the semester they plan to graduate; visited institutions are not required to report grades in time for Marymount’s graduation deadline.

Limitations and Restrictions

  • Students may not register for a Consortium course that is offered at Marymount in the same semester.
  • Students may not audit a course through the Consortium.
  • Some courses are not available to visiting students: study abroad classes, off-campus or special locations, law, internships, independent study, and other courses restricted by the visited institution.
  • Studio courses and computer courses fill up quickly; therefore, visiting students often receive second priority.
  • Consortium courses do satisfy Marymount’s minimum residency credit requirements.
  • Only a maximum of six (6) Consortium credits (typically 2 courses) may be applied towards your Marymount degree requirements.
  • Students may not participate in the Consortium program if you are on academic probation.
  • Non-degree students, and students admitted to certificate programs are not eligible to take classes through the Consortium. Also, students admitted to special off-site programs through Marymount’s Office of Corporate Outreach are not eligible to participate in the Consortium.


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