Meet the Mentors

What's your favorite thing about Marymount?


Abbie Stocco

Nutley, New Jersey 
Psychology, Class of 2020 

My favorite thing about MU is the fact that you are never alone. There is always someone looking out for you and helping you transition so you feel more at home.   


Brenna Cook

Biochemistry (Premed), Class of 2018

I love how easy it is to get involved and be a leader on campus


Carolyn Lilly

Vienna, Virginia 
Business, Class of 2018

Great location, soccer, and class size!


Hansel Dsouza

IT Computer Forensics Class of 2018

Opportunity to interact with a diverse group of individuals that are part of a close MU community


Amanda Wainwright

Erie, Pennsylvania
Interior Design, Class of 2020

The small classroom sizes help to build a relationship with your professors on a first name basis and how welcoming MU is.


Javier Herrera

Miami Florida
Accounting/Finance, Class of 2018

The small classroom sizes and all the great faculty & staff! 


Jessie Bricker

Alexandria, Virginia
Biochemistry, Class of 2020

The location, the community, and the amazing faculty!


Katherine Gay

Fairfax, Virginia
Pyschlogy, Class of 2018

Classroom size and the amazing opportunities.


Brianna Grooms

Politics Major, Class of 2020

My favorite things about MU is the diversity within the student body and the family like feel of the school and with professors!


Remy Carter

Berthoud, Colorado
Psychology, Class of 2018

The location of the university as well as the small class sizes.


Josh Giardina

Enola, Pennsylvania
Pre-Physical Therapy, Class of 2020

The location, and the small community.


Selena DanDan

Clifton, Virginia
Psychology, Class of 2020

The small, diverse, and nice communitiy as well the amazing opportunities!


Gabe Umar

Boston, Massachusetts
Criminal Justice Major, Criminal Investigation
& History Minor, Class of 2018

My favorite thing about MU is the Criminal Justice program with its opportunities and great faculty. 


Jasmine Jones

Clayton, Delaware
Bio/Premed Major, Class of 2019

Marymount has provided me with great opportunities to gain valuable workplace experience. 

Joanna Lovo

Burke, Virginia
Multidisciplinary Studies:
Elementary Education (PK-6), Class of 2018

My favorite thing about MU is how we embrace and celebrate cultural diversity.


Carolyn Pichardo

Reading, Virginia
Criminal Justice and Psychology, Class of 2020

Major opportunities, location, and the work environment.



Rachel Hawn

Herndon, Virginia
Nursing, Class of 2020

My favorite thing about MU is how friendly and caring the people are, and that you will always see someone you know on campus.


Daniela Eguiguren

Interior Design, Class of 2020

The location, the people and the amazing oportunities it gives us!  


Vanessa Ramirez

Alexandria, Virginia  
Business Administration, Class of 2020

The accessibility, community, diversity and multiple opportunities offered.


Sophia León

Phoenix, Arizona
Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice, Class of 2018

Meeting people from different places and learning about them as individuals.


Sarah Jo Peer

Strasburg, Vrignia
Business Admininistration, Class of 2020

The small classroom sizes and the location!


Mariah Allen

Farmington Hills, Michigan
Sociology , Class of 2020

Small classrooms, and tight knit community!


Lucy Campbell 

Westport, Connecticut
Criminal Justice and Psych, Class of 2019

The small community and hands on opportunities!


Katherine Sanchez

Woodbridge, Virginia
Biology, Class of 2019

The location is nice, but even nicer when you study abroad! There are so many different options for global studies, you just have to look for them.


Hailey Shur

Reston, Virginia
Health Professions, Class of 2018

My favorite thing about Marymount is how everyone around MU becomes your family.


Emily Bielen

Centreville, Virginia
Graphic Design, Class of 2018

The tight-knit community and wonderful people!


Ronajah Holmes

Waldorf, Maryland
Health Sciences-Pre Athletic Training, Class of 2019

My favorite  thing about Marymount is all of the opportunities that are available here. I also enjoy that DC is right around the corner! 

Prakriti Deuja 

Centreville, Virginia
Math Major, Class of 2020

My favorite thing about Marymount and Orientation is how friendly everyone is!!


Stephanie Cabrera 

Alexandria, Virginia
Information Technology, Class of 2019

I love going to D.C with my friends and seeing the monuments! 



Joel Juarez Lopez

Arlington, Virginia
Economics & Business Major, Class of 2018

My Favorite things about Marymount is the friendly people, small community, diversity, cross-country, and the Triathlon team! I just love MU in general.


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