Testing Accommodations Requests

Testing Accommodations Information

Testing accommodations are designed to provide equal access for students with disabilities, when the existing testing conditions are inaccessible for reasons unrelated to the essential course requirements. Based on individual eligibility, exam accommodations may include but are not limited to:

  • Additional time and/or quiet space* to complete exams
  • Use of a computer or read-aloud software

* A quiet space for approved testing accommodations at Marymount includes a testing room found within the Center for Teaching & Learning.  A limited number of students may occupy this space during testing hours.  

Center for Teaching & Learning Accommodated Testing Procedures

Step 1: Obtain current copies of Faculty Contact Sheet (FCS) from SAS via email or by appointment. 
  • Student signs page 1 of the FCS and returns the document to SAS.
  • Student shares page 1 with each professor, and discusses how accommodations will be implemented.
  • Student and faculty both sign page 2 of the FCS.
  • Student returns pages 1 and 2 to SAS (by emailing, faxing 703-284-6485, or by dropping-off at the CTL in Rowley G105).
Step 2: Complete the online test request form ( at least 5 business days before the exam.
  • Those approved by SAS to use MU’s e-reader software or other assistive technology on exams, must indicate this on each test request.
  • The accommodated exam should take place at the same time as the regularly scheduled in-class exam.  Any deviation of the date and/or time needs to be agreed upon with the professor.
Step 3: Receive confirmation email from the CTL.
  • The CTL will contact the professor for a copy of the exam, test instructions, and preferred return method.
  • CTL staff will send an email to the student confirming that the testing reservation has been made.
Step 4: Exam day instructions.
  • Check-in to the CTL front desk 10 minutes before the scheduled exam start time (late arrival will result in lost time, no additional time will be recovered or added to the end of the testing appointment).
  • Bring a current MU ID or other photo identification.
  • Use CTL lockers to store belongings.
Please note:
  • If a student does not make a CTL testing reservation and does not make other arrangements with their instructor before the exam, it is assumed that the student will not be using accommodations on that exam. Students must plan ahead and should avoid making assumptions about their instructor's availability for proctoring their accommodated exams. 
  • Last minute requests to the CTL Testing Coordinator may not be fulfilled, depending on the demand for other department operations and the availability of last minute exam proctors. 

For additional information or assistance, please email the Center for Teaching & Learning Testing Coordinator (, or call the  front desk: (703) 284-1538, during regular business hours. Also, read the CTL/SAS Accommodated Testing Services brochure (also available at the CTL front desk), for instructions on how to make a reservation with the CTL Testing Coordinator and to review the accommodated testing policies, procedures, and days and testing hours.