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When circumstances call for a sudden shift in how to deliver your course, it is helpful to have resources at your fingertips. Please see below for tips, tricks, and strategies as you move forward with migrating your class online. We've also put together a page on Canvas with more resources for faculty. To get to the Canvas page, Click Here.

ACUE's Online Teaching Toolkit

Association of College and University Educators: Online Teaching Toolkit

Includes video and PDF resources on the following topics:
  • Welcoming students to the online environment
  • Managing your online presence
  • Organizing your online course
  • Planning and facilitating quality discussions
  • Recording effective microlectures
  • Engaging students in readings and microlectures
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Resources Compiled by SNHU

Southern New Hampshire University: Building a Community of Learning

Includes links to PDF and video resources on the following topics:
  • Effective online teaching strategies
  • Engaging online learners
  • Providing feedback for online learners
  • Supporting diverse online 

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Resources and Training

Resources from Marymount Faculty

Resources for Remote Teaching; Dr. Elizabeth Langran
This resource includes tips, ideas, strategies, and corresponding links for conducting synchronous and asynchronous video, and maintaining student engagement.

CANVAS: How to Use Conferences through Big Blue Button; Dr. Katie Sprinkel 
This powerpoint offers a tutorial (with screen shots) on how to set up and run a conference (lecture) in Canvas where students are listening to you while also viewing your screen; opportunities to annotate slides in real time, and have students engage with you and each other.

Zoom Information - For live virtual classroom or lecture capture

Highly recommended - Zoom training session on the following items:
  1. Scheduling, Inviting, & Joining
  2. Managing & Interacting with Students
  3. Lectures & Group Presentations
  4. Quizzes & Small Group Activities
  5. Tracking Attention & Attendance

Marymount ITS has information on its portal site about getting started with Zoom

Zoom’s Help Center is also a great “how-to” resource. 

Automatic Transcriptions of your Lectures
  • Here is a quick and easy guide to transcription capture in Zoom
  • For more detailed information, you can view Zoom's automatic transcription information

Canvas Information


Academic Integrity and Online Assessment

Click here and scroll down to "Academic Integrity and Online Assessment" for thoughts on reducing cheating behavior while in an online learning environment.

Starfish Information

How do I give students an "online" location option when they make an appt.?


Raising flags in an online learning environment

This Google Sheet provides information about each Starfish flag, including who can raise the flag, reasons to raise the flag, and what action is taken when the flag is raised.

Previously-Featured Resources

Relevant Facebook Groups

Thumbnail for Higher Ed Coronavirus Facebook group

Thumbnail for Pandemic Pedagogy Facebook group

Pearson Online Resource Hub


Stay Calm and Keep Teaching

Click this link for audio tracks to help you stay calm and support your mental and emotional wellness.

CARE Team Referral Guide

Click here to open a PDF of the CARE Team's referral guide.

Thank you to Jaleel Dyson, Case Manager; Wellness, Prevention, and Education, Marymount University for creating this guide.

Student Access Services

Testing Accommodations

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person accommodated testing will no longer be offered by the Student Academic Hub or Student Access Services, in order to continue to ensure the health and safety of our campus community.  We ask that students with testing accommodations work directly with each instructor, to ensure that accommodations are properly in place.  Should students or faculty have any question about SAS approved testing accommodations, please contact our office at or 703-284-1538. We are happy to work with you to address any questions or concerns. 

Please see this webpage on testing accommodations for more information.

Other things to keep in mind for testing:
  • Create your exams in a simple format that won’t lose it’s formatting if downloaded and printed; offer a way for a student to send you their exam if they needed to print it and complete it on the exam itself
  • If your student requires extra exam time as per their documented accommodation, please ensure that you have allowed for that within the Canvas system. For instructions on how to do that, click here.

Interpreting/CART services

ASL interpreters will, with your invitation, be able to participate in Zoom meetings if you are doing synchronous online teaching. They will use video capability to “show up” in one of the Zoom boxes at the top of the screen, and will sign as you talk. Please allow for some flexibility in terms of student engagement – the student will be navigating the technology, watching you, and watching the interpreter, which may impede their ability to quickly participate in any sort of engagement pieces. Allow students the opportunity to comment or engage with you later, if possible.

For further information about providing ASL interpretation or CART services in synchronous and asynchronous online classes, please refer to this letter from SAS. 

Article: For Students with Disabilities, A Mass Shift to Online Courses Comes with Deep Concerns


Q&A: Providing Access in an Online Environment for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

Please click here to open this Q&A from Student Access Services in the form of a PDF.

Accessing Marymount's Academic Support Resources

Library & Learning Services


The main campus library is now open to Marymount University patrons, with ID access only. You may now request Marymount-owned materials for contactless pickup. Services are also being provided virtually. Click here for more information.

Student Academic Hub

Students are able to engage remotely or in person with academic advisors and Student Access Services by making an appointment on Starfish, which can be accessed on the Portal under Sign On Links.

Peer tutoring appointments will be taking place virtually via Zoom this semester. Students can make an appointment in TutorTrack (available under Sign On Links in the Portal). If a student doesn't have access to Wi-Fi, a computer with a webcam, or a quiet location to meet with a peer tutor, we are offering in-office space with a Wi-Fi-connected computer & webcam for students to attend their tutoring appointments.

For more information about meeting options, please click here.

IT Services


IT Services requests that if you need assistance with technology, you call them directly at 703-526-6990.

Current hours of operation for IT Services:

  • Monday through Friday:
    • Available in office from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
    • Available over the phone from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
    • Available over the phone from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm for emergency class support
  • Closed Saturday and Sunday

If students need assistance with technology, they will need to submit a ticket by emailing

Marymount’s Champions of Online Teaching/Learning

Please take advantage of the expertise we have across our schools – these faculty/staff have been identified as those who are able to answer questions about using Zoom, Canvas, and in some cases, Panopto*.
Faculty Member Email address
Amel Ben Abdesslem
Linda Christie
Susan Conrad
Jason Craig*
Skye Donovan
Nancy Engelhardt
Joe Eulberg
Bill Gray
Nathan Green
Uma Kelekar
Elizabeth Langran
Teresa Mason
Alex Mbaziira
Bernadette Mirro
Diane Murphy
Joe Provenzano*
Donna Schaefer
Carly Speranza
Cynda Tipple