Faculty Services & Resources

The Center for Teaching and Learning strives to nurture a community of teaching scholars at Marymount. You may have a question about a particular area of teaching that you would like to improve in or a specific problem you would like to discuss in more depth. The Center for Teaching and Learning offers several approaches:

Technology Tutorial Videos

We have created a web resource with a number of short 2 minute videos that answer the most commonly asked technology question. You can search for a video and see the solution in moments. For more information or to look for a specific tutorial video, please check out the CTL Media and Video Support  website.

Video or Audio Recording of Class

You may have a class video or audio recorded to review on your own, with a peer or with a Teaching consultant. Having a class video recorded allows you to see yourself as others see you. The insights that can be gained through this experienceare invaluable.

Individual Consultations

During an individual consultation, you can discuss the issues at hand and develop a specific objective to effect future change. For a new course, the focus may be on developing course objectives, assignments and rubrics. For existing courses, a review of materials may help identify if goals are both clear and achievable. Several tools and processes are available to assist you. You decide which ones you will use; none are required. All materials, observations and recommendations are confidential and the property of the faculty member.  Click to Submit a CTL Consultation Appointment Request

Classroom Observation

A classroom observation can gather information on a variety of topics, such as student engagement, effectiveness of classroom activities, or understanding classroom dynamics. You’ll meet with your observer prior to the class to determine your goals and expected outcomes. A few days after the observation session, feedback will be given orally and in writing. We can also video your teaching session for your review and professional development.

Mid-Semester Student Feedback (Small Group Instructional Diagnostics)

The Small Group Instructional Diagnostic gathers student feedback, typically during the first third to half of the semester. The process typically takes an hour. Students are first asked to give feedback individually, then to share their thoughts with a small group, and finally, with the entire class. The facilitator summarizes the findings in a report. This engages students and lets them know their professor values their thoughts. It gives the professor an in-depth view of student perceptions of the course and where changes might be made early enough to be meaningful. If you are interested in this service please contact the Director for Teaching.

Departmental Consultation

The Director of Teaching can help find or develop specialized materials, presentations, workshops, or consultation processes that are pertinent to a specific department. Department chairs should contact the Director of Teaching with specific questions and to set up consultation appointments.

Peer Consultation

If you’re interested in working with other faculty members to observe each other’s classes and give feedback, please contact the Director of Teaching. If you are already partnering with another faculty member, let us know!