CTL Media

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides media services to improve Marymount University faculty’s ability to execute appropriate pedagogical integration of media and technology to engage learning both within the classroom and in the online environment.


CTL Media monitors academic trends, identifying those that may impact Marymount, and prepares the faculty for teaching in the future.  We create a culture of ongoing educational experimentation where faculty are released to develop their teaching skills across pedagogies.  We provide faculty with tools to investigate new pedagogies including appropriate use of available learning spaces and technology to improve student engagement.

Project Services

CTL Media supports projects that align with our video production and media consulting services.  CTL Media video production services include filming, editing and production of  special classroom events, guest speaker sessions, informational videos and departmental/course promotional videos.  We provide media consulting related to lecture capture, web conferencing, video production and audio production. If you have a project that you need some help with then please Email us.

Graduate Assistants

We have a dedicated team of skilled Graduate Assistants who are available to provide classroom and personal training and support for a variety of teaching technologies. If you require the services of one of our Graduate Assistants, please Email us and we would be glad to set up an appointment.

CTL Training Videos

We are aware that faculty sometimes need on-the-spot assistance and so we have created an online repository of short 2 minute videos that answer the most commonly asked technology questions here at Marymount. Please take some time to watch our tutorials, workshops, lectures and more.

Request Equipment and Support

Equipment, including cameras, camcorders and headsets are available for loan from CTL Media Specialist.  The Editing Room, located in Rowley G210, is available for reservation and use by faculty.  The Editing Room features a Mac Pro with an audio mixer and two microphones.  Screenflow, Camtasia and GarageBand are apps available on the Mac Pro that can be used to prepare quality video or audio based instruction.  This sound dampened room is great for lecture capture and audio production.

Email us with your reservation requests, including your name, email, phone number, and request description and we will work to meet your needs.