Resources for Parents

As a parent, we understand that you may have many questions or concerns about your son or daughter studying abroad. This page has been designed specifically for you to highlight the benefits of having your student study abroad and to help answer questions or concerns that you may have as you support your child with the study abroad process.

Study abroad creates global citizens who appreciate the world we inhabit and how our respect of others’ views informs our own views and the world we create. Students face challenges that come from visiting or living in another culture, forcing them to work on interpersonal and communication skills, increasing their sensitivity of other cultures and global awareness, becoming more adaptable, assertive and independent in the process.

In today’s global society, a global education experience is a worthwhile investment. Studying abroad not only enriches a student’s academic experience, but it is also useful for their future career. More and more employers are seeking out culturally aware and experienced employees who can work effectively in an increasingly global market place. With study abroad on their resume, your student will be more marketable when it comes to applying for jobs after graduation, as such an experience demonstrates that your student has initiative, is open to ambiguity, and is willing to take risks and work more comfortably in a diverse environment.

Thousands of students who study abroad come back from their experience and say, “It was a life-changing experience.” Upon their return from study abroad, we guarantee that your student will learn to become more self-confident and self-reliant, and will see the world from a different perspective.