Study Abroad Photo Contest

Every year, the Center for Global Education holds a Photo Contest for students who studied abroad. This photo contest is open to students who studied abroad in any type of study-abroad program Marymount offers over the Winter, spring, summer, or fall of 2017. 
Every semester, students can submit a photo to four categories:
  • Culture, Customs, and Traditions
  • Marymount Spirit
  • Most Artistic
  • Other

Students may only submit one photo per category and are not required to submit to all four categories if they do not wish. When you submit the photograph, please label it as Yourname_Year_Category.

Read the guidelines here.

Please include:

  • Title of Photograph
  • Your name
  • Your year
  • Your major
  • Location where the photograph was taken
  • OPTIONAL: One or two sentence caption.
  • For semester programs/Internships/Student Teaching: When and where you studied abroad
  • For Global Classroom Series/Short-Term Faculty-Led: Which course you attended and what semester
  • Category you are submitting photograph for

Submissions must be sent to by November 10th and voting will occur through Orgsync from November 11-16 during International Education Week.

Winners will be announced that Friday via our facebook, instagram, and by email.

Things to consider:


Culture, Customs, and Traditions

These photographs tend to work best when they are candid and offer insight into local living. These could include locals, cultural displays or traditions, places that highlight the culture of a location, local foods, markets, etc. Give us a glimpse of this country’s life and culture.

Marymount Spirit

These photos should be ones that show fellow Marymount students engaged in cultural activities or learning experiences while abroad. These could be in or out of the classroom or group shots of students. Show us what our Saints are all about.

Most Artistic

These photographs should capture the aesthetic eye. Maybe they are in black and white or maybe they are macro shots. Maybe they look at life in a different angle. Get creative!


Sometimes, life doesn’t fit in a box. If you have a photograph which doesn’t really work in any of the categories but you would love to submit, this category is for you. Street art, landscapes, a unique experience. This is your chance to shine.

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