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160928Ana-Sofia_Alcaraz0001.jpgAna-Sofia Alcaraz

Coordinator for Global Engagement
(703) 247-8058
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Ana-Sofia is the primary contact for the Center for Global Education's on-campus global engagement events and activities.

Ana-Sofia has worked with international students for four years and been a part of an international community since birth. She lived in Buenos Aires and Bruxelles while  returning often to her homeland of Mexico. During her university years, she used her international experience and her cultural sensitivity to bring together international and domestic students to learn and share experiences together. She developed various events to foster a sense of community and used her extensive experience abroad to educate others about the world. Ana-Sofia is passionate about social justice and knows that by encouraging and assisting students to expand their horizons through education abroad, she will help create a community that helps each other to succeed.

She holds a BA in English from Loyola Marymount University and a Masters Degree in Latin American Studies with an emphasis on Human Rights from Georgetown University. She speaks Spanish, French, and very basic Japanese, and has traveled and lived around the world.

Ana-Sofia’s Global Bucket List:

  • Swim in Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico
  • Learn Greek
  • Visit Cape Town, Pretoria, and Kruger National Park in South Africa
  • See the Northern Lights in Iceland
  • Visit Angkor Wat
  • Do a road trip through Trinidad and India


Victor.jpgVictor Betancourt

Executive Director
(703) 284-1677
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Victor is the primary contact for international program development, short-term programs (Global Classroom Series and summer faculty-led), and global student teaching.

Victor possesses 20 years of experience as a leader in  developing and implementing programs in international  higher education and has cultivated and managed Marymount University’s international programs and activities as MU’s Chief International Officer (CIO) since he joined the university in 2005. Over the years, he has significantly increased the number of students studying abroad and expanded the study destinations of Marymount students from four countries to over 40. Victor has also led the development of short-term faculty-led programs in community nursing, forensic psychology, marine biology, education, fashion design, and other subjects in countries such as Belize, England, India, France, Italy, Greece, and others. Victor established MU’s Global Education Committee and facilitates international studies and exchanges worldwide.

He holds a BA in Russian Studies from the University of Iowa, and an MBA in International Trade from Texas A & M International University. He also did a summer program at the Business School of the Fachhochschule in Luneberg, Germany, and a year of undergraduate studies at the University of Puerto Rico. He speaks Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese, and has traveled extensively around the globe.

Victor’s Global Bucket List:

  • Learn Arabic
  • Travel to and around Japan
  • Take a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
linkedin-picture-(1).png Jennifer Crystle
 Assistant Director
 (703) 284-5763
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Jen is the primary contact for students studying on fall, spring, and summer semester programs, as well as international internship programs.
Jen has worked in international and higher education for over four years and has devoted her professional and academic career to helping students have meaningful intercultural experiences. Throughout her career, Jen has advised hundreds of students and helped them discover a world beyond the walls of the classroom. One of her favorite parts of her work has been seeing students return with newfound passions and a new worldview. Jen believes that meaningful international exchange today can create a better and more peaceful world for tomorrow. 
Jen holds a BA in Spanish and English from the University of Mary Washington and a Master’s degree in International Educational Development from Columbia University. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Education Policy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. She is proficient in Spanish,  has traveled extensively, and is constantly thinking about her next travel adventure.

Jen’s Global Bucket List:

  • Hike Machu Picchu
  • Go skydiving in New Zealand
  • Learn how to dance the Flamenco
  • Visit the floating markets in Thailand
  • Take a walk along the trails of the Cinque Terre
Suli-crop.PNGSulianys Hernandez Leon
 Study Abroad Assistant
 (703) 284-6474

Sulianys has a background in elementary, special, and international education. Throughout her five years at Marymount, she has volunteered, studied, and/or taught abroad in Jamaica, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Panama. Sulianys is driven and inspired by the Instituto Preparatoria Pedagogico in Panama, where she focused on professional development for teachers and intervention strategies for students with intellectual disabilities. Sulianys believes that studying abroad is about learning and writing your own book about the world filled with the journey. 

Sulianys' Global Bucket List:
  • Learn a third language fluently (currently Italian)
  • Backpack every continent
  • Volunteer at the Olympics
  • Hike the Santiago de Compostela 
  • Eat a meal in every Italian region 
Delario.jpgDelario Lindsey
Academic Director, Global Scholars Program


Dr. Delario Lindsey joined the Global Scholars Program and the Department of Sociology in the fall of 2017.  Before coming to Marymount, Dr. Lindsey served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Bethune-Cookman University.  He was also an Assistant Professor and the social science point-person in the interdisciplinary Africana-World-Studies Program at William Paterson University.  Dr. Lindsey has presented at several international conferences and has undertaken research trips to the Federal Republic of Brazil and the Republic of South Africa to study local forms of urban inequality and community engagement.
Dr. Lindsey’s commitment to Global Education and the Global Scholars program is rooted in an understanding of the profound impact meaningful engagement, with the people and the cultures of our extended global community, can have on an individual’s sense of self and their sense of purpose. 
“As an academic, my life naturally revolves around the consumption of coffee.  Accordingly, my global bucket-list describes the world greatest quest for caffeine!”

Delario's Global Bucket List:

  • Türk Kahvesi (Turkish coffee) while ‘hanging-out’ in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
  • Café Cubano while watching the classic cars roll by in Havana, Cuba
  • Café de Olla before exploring the wonders of Mexico City, Mexico
  • Kahwa ceremony while luxuriating in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Vietnamese style while taking in the history and culture of Saigon, Vietnam.
  • Buna ceremony while he ponders the origins of his obsession in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Heather Schloss
Graduate Fellow 

Heather received her BA in Management Consulting and in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame. She developed a passion for learning abroad after studying in South Africa and in Australia. In South Africa, Heather explored the psychological aspects of racism and Apartheid. In Fremantle, Australia she expanded her business and psychology degrees in international markets and communities. These diverse experiences motivate her to create opportunities for other students to travel worldwide. After her stints abroad, Heather returned to Notre Dame and became a student ambassador for Australian programs. She is currently working towards her Masters in International Education at George Washington University. Heather plans to continue working in higher education with international programs and aspires to make a global classroom attainable for as many students as possible.

For Heather, the most impactful rewards of international study are widened perspectives, heightened self-awareness and independence, and compassion for others.

Heather's Global Bucket List:
  • Hike the Inca Trail
  • Attend Carnival in Rio
  • Take a cooking class in Tuscany, Italy
  • Swim in the Dead Sea
  • Bungee jump in New Zealand 

CGE Student Workers

IMG_0478_opt-(3).jpgCarla Clavell

Peer Advisor

Carla is a senior at MU majoring in Political Science and minoring in Communications. She recently joined the Center for Global Education team, but has been using their services since freshman year. She visited Rome as part of the Global Classroom series, studied abroad in Madrid spring 2017, and visited Habana for another Global Classroom Series last semester. During her study abroad program with Saint Louis University Madrid campus, she traveled to England and different regions within Spain learning different cultures. 

Global Bucket List:
  • Go to Cuba
  • Volunteer in India 
  • See penguins in Antarctica  
  • See the Great Wall of China
  • Go to Australia 
  • Visit South America 

Valeria-Photo_opt-(3).jpgValeria Falcon-Machi

Social Media Coordinator

Valeria is a junior at Marymount University majoring in Fashion Design and double minoring in Fashion Merchandising and Spanish. She was born in Caracas, Venezuela and came to the United States when she was three years old. Her family is from Venezuela, Colombia, Italy, and Spain. This is her second year working at our office, but has already done a study abroad Global Classroom Series in London, as part of the Fashion Industry and Its Promotions course with Prof. Stoessell, during spring break of 2017 . In the past she has revisited Venezuela, and visited Colombia and Canada. Valeria was also the PR Officer for the Campus's Commuters Activities Board, where she created and promoted the events available to commuters on campus. She has participated in the campus's annual Portfolio In Motion as a backstage assistant and designed garments shown in 2018's show, using her Latin culture along with her experience from London as inspiration. 

Global Bucket List:
  • Semester Abroad in Milan, Italy
  • Global Classroom series in Spain or Costa Rica
  • Backpack Brazil
  • Volunteer somewhere in Latin America 
  • Start Missionary work abroad 
  • Learn more about her European and Latin roots
  • Intern in Europe, preferably Spain 

IMG_2991_opt_opt-(3).jpgJasmine Racy

Graphic Design Coordinator

Jasmine is a senior at Marymount University and this is her second year working in the Center for Global Education Office. She is currently majoring in Graphic Design. She is also the captain of the Marymount Cheer Team and enjoys putting her graphic design skills to the test. In the past, Jasmine has visited Japan and the Bahamas. In spring 2017, she traveled to Groningen and Amsterdam with her Sociology class as part of Marymount's Global Classroom Series with Dr. DeWitt and Sulianys Hernandez Leon. 

Global Bucket List:
  • Have authentic Italian dishes in Italy
  • Visit Australia
  • Go see Big Ben
  • Stand under the Eiffel Tower with a mime
  • Taste a true Belgian waffle
  • Watch the Northern Lights

Stadtmueller,-Victoria.jpgVictoria Stadtmueller

Peer Advisor

Victoria is a Senior at Marymount majoring in Computer Science, with minors in business and International Studies. She spent 9 months studying abroad in Oxford, Bïfrost, Iceland, and London, as well as Prague and Rome over spring breaks. She has done 5 different study abroad programs through Marymount, including global classroom classes, summer programs, and a semester abroad. She is a huge proponent of STEM students studying abroad, so stop by and talk to her! In her free time, you can find Victoria at any of the international events around DC, working on her research on IT globalization, or doing yoga.

Global Bucket List:

  • Hike Machu Picchu
  • Spend a ski season working in New Zealand
  • Attend a formula 1 grand prix
  • Cliff Jump in Switzerland

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