Faculty-Led Programs

Developing a Program

Faculty who are interested in developing an international project or teaching abroad are encouraged to talk with the director of the Center for Global Education about their goals and the process to be followed. Individual faculty members are advised to meet with their department chairperson and dean to discuss their interest in international education as part of their professional development plan. Department and school approvals are necessary for planning a faculty exchange or study-abroad teaching assignments.

Arrangements for offering faculty-led study abroad courses and for international teaching opportunities usually take one to two years of preparation and scheduling. Faculty members are encouraged to consult with the Center for Global Education and submit a General Interest Form as early as possible to the converation about planning their international education experience.

Formal Proposals for 2020 (spring and summer terms) are due by January 25, 2019.  Please follow this timeline to complete the requirements. To obtain a copy of the proposal guidelines, contact the CGE.

The Center for Global Education will provide departments and faculty with the following:

  • assistance with program development, including the contract-bid process
  • supply all necessary forms for establishment of the program, including program proposal forms, participant applications, contracts, and incident report forms
  • assistance with publicity and promotion of the Faculty-Led Program
  • assistance with student applications, screening, and selection
  • handling of monetary transactions, including collection of program fees and disbursement of funds, and submission of revised expense forms for student financial aid
  • offer faculty workshops for program implementation
  • assistance with predeparture orientation sessions.