BIO 127/327 Marine Biology & Tropical Ecology

Gales Point, Belize

  • Travel Dates (tentative): July 7, 2016 - July 23, 2016
  • 4 Credits (Includes Lab)

Course Description
This intensive three-week program provides students with hands-on experience in reef, estuarine, mangrove, freshwater, and replanted jungle ecosystems, as well as opportunities to observe a complex manatee refuge, a tropical beach, and ecological relationships.

Students will explore coral reefs while snorkeling, visit mangrove swamps and nurseries, hike Mayan ruins, observe Hawksbill sea turtles being satellite tagged and laying eggs (if possible), and engage in cultural acvities all the while staying at a manatee preserve. 

Learning Outcomes
Through participation in this course students will:

  • Understand the dynamic of an ecosystem, including food chains, food webs, trophic levels, and pyramids of biomass and energy
  • Identify common species (by scientific name) inhabiting the study sites, and know where they fit in the ecosystem
  • Learn standard field techniques for measuring and studying ecosystems
  • Understand the physical, chemical, geologic and oceanographic influences on tropical habitats and how they differ from those in other regions
  • Recognize problems regarding endangered species – particularly those of manatees and sea turtles
  • Experience life in a developing country
  • Observe problems of tropical agriculture and forests, their preservation and management, and economic impact

Faculty: Dr. Todd Rimkus

Program Cost

Summer Tuition (4 Credits): $3,640
Program Fee: $700

The Program Fee includes:

  • Round-trip International Airfare
  • Housing
  • Meals
  • Guided tours of coral reefs and Mayan ruins
  • Use of snorkeling gear
  • International medical and emergency travel insurance

**The program fee does not include textbooks or personal expenses.

***Marymount University reserves the right to make any necessary changes, including adjustments in cost, in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Financial aid may be applied to Study Abroad programs. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office. Students are responsible for making all payments to Marymount University by the specified deadlines.

Application Information
To apply for this program students must be in good academic standing with a 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA. Admission is made on a rolling basis. Students will be updated regarding their application status within three weeks of submitting their application.



Need more information before applying? CLICK HERE to schedule an advising appointment at the Center for Global Education.