Short-Term Faculty-Led Summer Programs

Like the Global Classroom Series programs, short-term faculty-led summer programs allow students to travel abroad with a Marymount course. These highly structured courses generally last two to six weeks during the summer and vary from two to six credit hours. Participants travel with a group of fellow Saints, led by a Marymount faculty member. This is an excellent opportunity to earn MU credits over the summer and to study the course material in context.

2018 Undergraduate Short-Term Faculty-Led Summer Programs

  • Digital Backpack Storytelling (6 credits)

    CMD 204 Video Production: Multimedia Communication
    CMD 220 Intercultural Communication 

    Berlin, Germany with Barry Erdeljon
    May 21-June 16, 2018
  • Doing Business in Europe (3 credits)

    MGT 385 International Business 
    Groningen, The Netherlands 
    May 22-June 16, 2018
  • Marine Biology & Tropical Ecology in Belize (4 credits w/lab)

    BIO 127/327 Introduction to Marine Biology and Tropical Ecology
    Gales Point, Belize with Dr. Todd Rimkus

    Session One: June 29- July 12, 2018
    Session Two : July 12-25, 2018
  • Nursing Global Service Learning (2 credits)

    NU 339/539 Global Service Learning in Nursing
    Limón, Nicaragua with Dr. Faith Claman

    August 4-14, 2018