ED 526 Cross-Cultural / International Curricula

Bumwalukani, Mbale, Uganda

  • ​Classes at Marymount: January-May, 2017
  • Travel Dates: tbd
  • 3 Credits
Course Description
This course will present teacher education students with the opportunity to engage in an international field experience placement and provide professional development to Arlington Academy of Hope (AAH) teachers and teachers from surrounding public schools in Bumwulakani, Mbale, Uganda. Participants will prepare and present a workshop for the teachers at AAH and the teachers from neighboring primary and secondary schools, as well as have an opportunity to co-teach with some of the workshop participants in their classrooms during the week. These lessons will focus on applying the teaching strategies presented at the workshop. There will be opportunities to work with the teachers at the school in a variety of ways as well as to meet members of the school community. This partnership allows teacher candidates to improve and showcase their presentation skills and knowledge of pedagogical practice and theory to practitioners. This partnership also provides professional development for practicing teachers.

Learning Outcomes
Through participation in this course students will: 
  • Define and differentiate among multicultural, intercultural, and global education.
  • Compare educational systems of other nations to that of the United States and describe the importance of Education for All and related initiatives.
  • Evaluate the different tenets and models of multicultural education applied in the United States
  • Analyze relevant topics and issues in education in the United States from a global perspective.
  • Examine and develop strategies related to teaching for global citizenship in a multicultural and linguistically diverse context.
  • Demonstrate a positive and professional attitude towards diversity to students in the classroom.
Professor: Dr. Elizabeth Langran
Elizabeth Langran, Ph.D. is associate professor of Education. Dr. Langran started her teaching career in 1992 as a secondary school French teacher. She educated U.S. middle and high school students for six years and taught overseas for five years, including in Morocco as a Peace Corps volunteer. She earned her Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from the University of Virginia with a certificate in International Leadership in Educational Technology. She has traveled for collaborative technology projects and school visits to Nicaragua, India, central Asia, Senegal, South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, Bermuda, and China.
Tentative Schedule
Day 1 Travel to Uganda
Day 2 Class Meeting / Workshop Preparation
Day 3 Teacher Workshop for Arlington Academy of Hope and Outreach school teachers, home visits
Day 4 Class Meeting/Discusson and Student Choice: local hike, other
Day 5 1st Day at Arlington Academy of Hope, Visit outreach school (Buymwalye): observation and partner teach
Class Meeting/Discussion
Day 6 2nd Day at Arlington Academy of Hope, Visit outreach school (Bulobi): observation and partner teach
Class Meeting/Discussion
Day 7 3rd Day at Arlington Academy of Hope, Partner teach, small group work
Class Meeting/Discussion
Day 8 4th Day at Arlington Academy of Hope, Partner teach, small group work
Class Meeting/Discussion
Day 9 Depart Guest House / Excursion
Day 10 Return Travel to USA

Program Cost:
Tuition: tbd
Program Fee: tbd

The program fee covers:
  • Airfare
  • Housing
  • Ground transportation
  • Meals at the Arlignton Academy of Hope Guest House
  • Emergency Travel Insurance
**The program fee does not include textbooks, personal expenses, some meals, extra baggage and airline fees for flight deviations, cancellations, change fees, etc. Please do not purchase any airline tickets until enrollment for the class is confirmed, which is after the application deadline.
***MU reserves the right to make any necessary changes including adjustments in cost in the event that unforeseen circumstances arise. Financial aid may apply. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office as soon as possible. You are responsible for making all timely payments to Marymount University.