Global Scholars Program

The Global Scholars Program is for students who understand that we are citizens of the world and that the world and diverse cultures have a variety of lessons to teach us. It offers motivated students in ALL academic disciplines experiences to expand their global perspective through unique and dynamic intercultural learning opportunities.

Global Scholars are encouraged to broaden their global perspective and understanding through study, volunteering, and/or interning abroad. Students should also gain proficiency in another language and conduct research with an international and intercultural focus. However, this focus extends outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to partake in intercultural experiences in the Washington D.C. region and to take advantage of Marymount’s location to build a network of globally-minded peers and professionals.

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Admission Requirements

In addition to the university’s general admissions requirements, the admission process for the Global Scholars Program includes:

Please refer to the application for deadlines and more specific admission information.

Program Requirements

Once they are admitted to the program, Global Scholars must maintain a 3.0 GPA while also completing the following four distinct globally-themed components.

Current Global Scholars


Noemi Cerritos Gatto

Major: Psychology
Class of 2022


My name is Noemi Cerritos Gatto. I am a psychology major and part of Class of 2022. I am not from any specific place because I grew up as a military child moving around from place to place. I want to be a Global Scholar because I am interested in learning about the world and traveling. I am most excited about the travel abroad opportunities programs that are offered. I am most excited about the different cultures and languages.

Downing,-Stephanie.jpgStephanie Downing

Major: Criminal Justice
Class of 2019

My name is Stephanie Downing, and I am from the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. I am a senior majoring in criminal justice, and would eventually like to pursue a career in international security following graduation. I was intrigued by the Global Scholars program after studying abroad in Japan and India in high school. I lived with host families in both countries and was amazed by the experiences and cultural connections that I made while abroad. My host families and I still communicate to this day, which showcases how invaluable these experiences are. As a Global Scholar, I am eager to learn about critical world issues through different cultural lenses. By the end of the program, I hope to add a global component to my education at Marymount and have a broader perspective of the world.

Downing,-Stephanie.jpgMolly Dugdale

Major: Psychology & Criminal Justice
Class of 2022


Hi! My name is Molly Dugdale and I'm from Brooklyn, NY and I am a member of the class of 2022. My majors are Psychology and Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology. What made me want to be a global scholar is my interest in how people's cultures and societies influence their behavior and personalities. I am most excited for all of the study abroad opportunities. 

Kocak,-Oezge.jpgOezge Kocak

Major: Political Science
Class of 2020

My name is Oezge (Ozzie) and I am a Political Science major in the class of 2020 at Marymount University. As an international student from Germany, I have always been interested in learning more about different people, cultures, and countries. The reason why I wanted to be a Global Scholar is because of my desire to broaden my understanding of global issues by engaging in rigorous research and intellectual discussions, as well as acquiring competencies needed to tackle the global challenges of the 21st century.

Kocak,-Oezge.jpgJacob Ray

Major: Business
Class of 2022

My name is Jacob Ray. I am a first year business major in the class of 2022. I am from Kensington, Maryland. I chose to be a global scholar because of how important it is to see the world through a broader scope, considering all aspects of human society. I hope these courses help me to become more effective at analyzing global issues and in widening my perspective and knowledge about global phenomena.


Sanchez,-Katherine.jpgKatherine Sanchez

Major: Biology
Class of 2019

My name is Katherine Sanchez and I grew up in  Woodbridge, Virginia. I am a senior Biology Major with a Quantitative Science Minor. I entered the Global Scholars program right before my spring semester in Melbourne, Australia during my sophomore year. I did not know then but that would spark a serious case of the "travel bug" which can only be cured by many many flights. During my semester abroad I met wonderful friends who lived all over Europe and I never thought I would have traveled as much as I have today. With each country I visit, I am always reminded of how much more similar we are than different. This program is especially exciting because it gives me the chance to interact with other students and faculty that also appreciate the importance of global-consciousness. 


For more information about the Global Scholars Program, please contact the Academic Director of the program, Dr. Delario Lindsey or the Director of the Center for Global Education, Victor Betancourt.

Academic Director of the Global Scholars

Delario.jpgDelario Lindsey

Academic Director, Global Scholars Program


Dr. Delario Lindsey joined the Global Scholars Program and the Department of Sociology in the fall of 2017.  Before coming to Marymount, Dr. Lindsey served as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Bethune-Cookman University.  He was also an Assistant Professor and the social science point-person in the interdisciplinary Africana-World-Studies Program at William Paterson University.  Dr. Lindsey has presented at several international conferences and has undertaken research trips to the Federal Republic of Brazil and the Republic of South Africa to study local forms of urban inequality and community engagement.
Dr. Lindsey’s commitment to Global Education and the Global Scholars program is rooted in an understanding of the profound impact meaningful engagement, with the people and the cultures of our extended global community, can have on an individual’s sense of self and their sense of purpose. 

Coursework (16 Credits)

Global Scholars must complete the following course requirements:
  • DISCOVER 101 section with a global theme (3 credits)
  • Three upper-level courses that meet Marymount University’s Global Perspective designation (9 credits)
  • Four 1-credit colloquium courses (4 credits)
    • GSP 102 Local to Global
    • GSP 201 Global Leadership
    • GSP 301 Reading the World
    • GSP 302 Exploring Global Careers

Language Proficiency


Global Scholars must show a level of skill in a non-native modern language equivalent to successful completion of a second-semester, college-level language course. Students can meet this requirement in one of the following ways:

  • Complete 6 credits of college-level foreign language coursework at the elementary level (AP, IB, and CLEP equivalencies are accepted).
  • Complete 3 credits of college-level foreign language coursework at the intermediate level (AP, IB, and CLEP equivalencies are accepted).
  • Receive a waiver from the Global Scholars Program director by demonstrating knowledge of a language equivalent to two semesters of college-level work, typically in a proctored exam.

Inquiry-Guided Research (3 Credits)


Global Scholars must complete a research project from a list of potential inquiry areas. The list is based on projects underway by participating faculty sponsors or community organizations interested in working with student researchers. Each Global Scholar will be matched with a sponsor based on the scholar’s inquiry request.

Global Learning Experiences

Global Scholars are required to participate in at least two of the following global learning opportunities:
  • Study Abroad: short-term, semester-long, or summer program
  • Internship: an internship abroad or one with a global focus on or off campus
  • Service Learning/Volunteer Project: a project overseas or a local project with a global focus