Application Process

On-campus employers post open positions on the Center for Career Services’ Handshake website, and this is where you will begin your application for on-campus jobs. Students can apply to multiple job postings, but students can only hold ONE Federal Work Study or Campus Employment job on campus at a time. Please keep this in mind when interviewing and accepting a position.

Fall 2016 Student Employment

In the fall semester, Federal Work Study (FWS) positions are posted earlier than Campus Employment (CE) positions.  Hiring in the fall and spring semesters takes place during two hiring periods.  The hiring periods in the Fall 2015 semester are as follows:
  • Round 1: 
    • FWS jobs posted Monday, July 18
    • CE jobs posted Monday, August 15
    • All FWS and CE postings will close Friday, September 23
    • Hiring decisions made by Friday, September 30
  • Round 2: 
    • Any remaining open FWS and CE jobs posted Monday, October 3 – Friday, October 28
    • Hiring decisions made by Friday, November 4

Spring 2017 Student Employment

Both Federal Work Study (FWS) positions and Campus Employment (CE) positions will be posted starting Monday, January 4.  The hiring periods in the Spring 2016 semester are as follows:
  • Round 1: 
    • Jobs posted Monday, January 2 – Friday, January 27
    • Hiring decisions made by Friday, February 3
  • Round 2: 
    • Jobs posted Monday, February 6 – Friday, March 10
    • Hiring decisions made by Friday, March 17

Summer 2017 Student Employment

Student employment positions for summer 2017 will be posted on Handshake starting Monday, April 3 through Friday, June 16.  Hiring for Summer 2017 will end on Friday, June 23.

Things to do before completing your application:

1. Complete or update your Handshake profile

First-time users: You will be prompted to complete your profile upon signing into Handshake.  You must complete your profile before you can view job postings. 

Returning users: To update your Handshake profile at any time, click on My Account and choose My Profile from the drop down menu.

2. Prepare a resume. 
Each job posting requires a resume as part of the application. The first resume you upload into Handshake has to be approved by a career coach before you can apply to any positions on Handshake! Resumes are typically approved within two business days following the day your resume is submitted. The Center for Career Services is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Remember to be professional. Capitalization, punctuation, and grammar matter!
The contact information (e-mail address, phone number and address) you provide on your documents will be used to communicate with you, so please keep it current and up-to-date.
Need help creating a resume?  We’ve created a e-guide  to walk you through the process.

3. Read through the entire job posting.
Do you have appropriate experience and meet the minimum qualifications of the position?  Is there a minimum GPA requirement?  Do you need to get a transcript from the Registrar’s Office? Do you need to submit a copy of your class schedule with your application? Read carefully and gather everything you’ll need to apply BEFORE you submit your application.

4. Update your cover letter. 
Don’t apply to a Lee Center position with a cover letter that is addressed to the OCRS Desk Assistant position! Cover letters should be specific to the job for which you are applying.  Handshake will allow you to upload as many cover letters as you want, and our career coaches never review cover letters unless you request it.

5. Apply! 
Once you have an approved resume in Handshake, you are ready to apply!  For a step-by-step guide on how to apply to a position, check out our e-guide.

What to do after completing your application:

After you complete the application process, your application is forwarded to the hiring manager for the position.  At that point the hiring process is in the hiring manager’s hands.  If you have a question about the status of your application, or if you have not received a status update within 1 – 2 weeks, we recommend you follow up directly with the hiring department to check on the status of your application. Remember to be polite and professional!!  By making face-to-face or over-the-phone contact you will show your interest and improve your chances for making an impact that might lead to being interviewed or hired.
If you cannot locate contact information for the office or department, you can always dial ‘0’ from on campus or (703) 522-5200 off campus to reach the switchboard.

The Interview
If the hiring manager determines that you meet the qualifications for their position, they may contact you to set up a short interview.  If you’re anxious about the interview, our career coaches are available by appointment for practice interviews.  However, please note that appointment availability is limited and appointments are usually booked a few business days out. 

Accepting a Position
After the interview, you may be contacted by the hiring manager with an offer of employment.  Congratulations!  Respond to the hiring manager as soon as possible to either accept or decline the offer.  If you accept the offer, your new supervisor will notify the Center for Career Services who will create an employment contract for you to sign.  You will receive an email from when your contract is ready. 

In the meantime, gather together original, official documentation that proves your identity and eligibility to work in the United States.  You will be required to provide this documentation BEFORE you begin working.  To find out what documentation is acceptable, click here .