Other Work Opportunites

The Center for Career Services oversees the Campus Employment and Federal Work Study programs, but there are many other work opportunities for students both on campus and in the greater Arlington area. 

On-Campus Options

Hourly Positions with Sodexo and Barnes & Noble
Marymount’s dining service (Sodexo) and Marymount’s bookstore (Barnes & Noble) occasionally hire students for various positions.  A student can work in both a dining hall or bookstore position AND a CE/FWS position concurrently. *
To apply for Sodexo positions:  Apply in person at the Sodexo office within Gerard Dining Hall.

To apply for B&N positions:  Click here and search for jobs at VA – Arlington - Marymount University.

*Note: A student who works for Sodexo or Barnes & Noble is not employed by Marymount University.  Rather, the student is employed by a Marymount contractor and must follow all employment policies and regulations as set forth by the contractor. 

Stipend and Grant-Funded Positions
Several positions across campus, such as leadership positions, are available to eligible undergraduate and graduate students but are not part of the FWS or CE programs.  These positions are usually paid by stipend instead of an hourly wage.  Hiring for stipend positions is coordinated through the host department.
In general, students can work in a stipend position while also employed in a FWS or a CE position.*  Students should take care, however, that the total number of hours that they work in Marymount employment does not exceed 29 hours per week.  International students cannot work more than 20 hours per week in any form or combination of employment.

*Due to the nature of the Resident Assistant (RA) position and the number of required hours per week, RA students cannot work concurrently in a CE position.  RA students are only permitted to work in a 10 hour per week position on campus if employed in a FWS position.

Graduate Assistantships (GA)
The Graduate Assistantship program is available to eligible graduate students and is coordinated through the Human Resources Office; more information about the program can be found here.

Note: In order to maximize the number of on-campus employment opportunities for as many students as possible, Graduate Assistants (GA) cannot work concurrently in a Campus Employment position.

Off-Campus Options

Except for the for-credit internship, a student’s employment off campus is not recorded or monitored by Marymount.  Therefore, students are permitted to work off campus as many hours as they choose regardless of how many hours they work on campus.  However, students should take care that their employment does not interfere with their academic work.

Part-time Employment
Many restaurants and businesses in the Ballston, Clarendon, and greater Arlington area post part-time positions on Handshake throughout the year.  To find the most recent part-time listings, narrow the job search by selecting Part-Time under Position Type.

Babysitting, Tutoring, and other In-Home Positions
Members of the Arlington community seeking Marymount students to babysit small children or pets, assist with caring for disabled or senior members of the household, or to do other small jobs around their home can post these positions on Bernie’s List

Please note that these postings are not closely monitored by the Center for Career Services, and Marymount is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or other aspects of off-campus employment.  Students are responsible for checking the integrity and credentials of the employer and for taking all necessary precautions to protect their personal safety when interviewing for or accepting positions advertised on Bernie’s List.