Campus Employment (CE)

The Campus Employment program is a Marymount-funded program that enables both undergraduate and graduate students to work part-time on campus.  Under this program, students can work up to 10 hours per week while classes are in session and up to 20 hours per week during the summer and breaks.

Students who are employed in CE positions are paid exactly the same and perform the same job duties as students who are employed through the government-funded Federal Work Study (FWS) program.  The only difference between the two programs is that CE students are not eligible for FWS as determined by the Financial Aid Office.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where will I work and what will I be doing?

There are a variety of different jobs that are available to students across campus under CE.  In general, most jobs fall under the following categories:
  • Office/Staff Support
    • Most jobs on campus offer students the opportunity to work with either an office or an individual staff/faculty member.  These jobs tend to require a skill set that a student will need in order to begin working immediately.  These jobs may require proficiency with specific software, the ability to perform a particular task, or willingness to learn on the job. 
  • Desk Attendants
    • Desk attendants typically answer questions over the phone and in person and/or monitor traffic through a residence hall or building.  

How many hours can I work?

Working hours are generally limited to 10 hours a week while classes are in session and up to 20 hours during extended university breaks (such as Spring Break) and the summer semester.  Your academic obligations are expected to come first.  Campus employers who hire students understand that and will work with you to arrange your work hours around your classes.  

How much will I earn?

The hourly wage rate for each job is based upon the nature of the work and the knowledge and experience required for the job. 
Level Score Pay Rate
Grade 1 5‐10 No jobs rated at this level
Grade 2 11‐15 $7.50
Grade 3 16‐20 $8.00
Grade 4 21‐36 $8.50

How will I be paid?

CE is NOT a deduction against tuition.  Hours are reported on an online timesheet based on a two week schedule starting on Sunday and ending on the second Saturday.  Student employees are paid through either a check or direct deposit into a bank account on the second Friday after their timesheet is due.  The student’s pay is not applied toward a student’s tuition cost. 

Am I guaranteed a CE job if I want one?

There are a limited number of positions available on campus each year for students wishing to work on campus.  Students who wish to work on campus must apply to and interview for available work study jobs. While students are not automatically guaranteed an on-campus position, Marymount is committed to working closely with students to assist them in their search. 

I’ve been awarded work-study. Can I also work under Campus Employment?

No.  If a student has been awarded work-study and has not declined the award with the Office of Financial Aid, the student should only apply for positions that are categorized as work-study (or FWS).  Also, a student can only hold one 10-hour-per-week position on campus regardless of whether the position is CE or FWS.

How can I apply for jobs?

Available CE positions are posted on Handshake, and are categorized as ‘Campus Employment’ positions.  Please note that department-paid stipend positions are occasionally categorized as ‘Campus Employment’ but are not actually part of the CE program.  In order to ensure the position falls under the CE program, look at the position’s title.  A position under the CE program will include CE in the middle of the title, like the following:

            Student Assistant – CE – 14FA – 15SP

A department-paid stipend position will not include CE in the title.  Also, in general, stipend positions are not posted during the same time periods as CE positions.

When can I search for jobs and apply?

Available positions are posted and students are hired during hiring periods each semester.  The hiring periods for the Fall begin mid-August and run through the end of October.  The hiring periods for the Spring begin early January and run through mid-March.

Can I apply for more than one job?

A student can apply for as many CE* positions as he/she wants.  However, a student can ultimately only accept one offer of employment.

*CE students are not eligible to apply to FWS (work-study) jobs.

What paperwork will I need to complete after I am hired?

All employees of Marymount University must comply with Federal laws.  Prior to beginning employment, those who are hired and accept a FWS position MUST present original documentation proving identity and work authorization, in addition to completing federal and state tax forms. 
Students interested in working on campus will need to have in their possession original documentation that proves their identity and authorization to work. Typically, that documentation includes a passport; or driver's license AND social security card; or driver's license AND birth certificate. If a student does not have any of these, the student must contact HR Services at (703) 284-1680 to find out what other documentation may be acceptable.

Does Campus Employment include Graduate Assistantships (GA) and stipend positions?

No.  GA and stipend positions are not coordinated through the Center for Career Services.

Graduate Assistantships (GA)

The Graduate Assistantship program is available to eligible graduate students and is coordinated through the Human Resources Office; more information about the program can be found here.

Stipend Positions

Several positions across campus, such as leadership positions, are available to eligible undergraduate and graduate students but are not part of the FWS or CE programs.  These positions are paid by stipend instead of bi-weekly paychecks.  Stipend positions are coordinated through the host department.

I have a stipend position or a GA position. Can I also work under Campus Employment?

In order to maximize the opportunity for on-campus employment for as many students as possible, Graduate Assistants (GA) cannot work concurrently in a Campus Employment position.
As for stipend positions, it depends on the position.  Students working on campus should be employed for fewer than 30 hours per week in total.  If a stipend position requires a student work 20 or more hours per week, a student cannot work concurrently in a CE position (a 10 hour per week position).  For example:
  • The Resident Assistant (RA) position is a stipend position and requires students to work up to 26 hours per week.  Therefore, a RA cannot work in a CE position while also employed as a RA.
  • The Student Ambassador position is a stipend position and requires students to work 4 hours per week on average.  A Student Ambassador can work in a CE position since the total hours required by both positions is less than 30 hours per week.
Questions regarding whether a specific stipend position can be accepted while a student is employed under the CE program should be directed to the Center for Career Services (703-284-5960 or