Responsibilities of the Student Employee

Working on campus is a privilege afforded to students.  Although on-campus employment is limited to 10 hours per week during the fall/spring and 20 hours per week during the summer, a FWS or CE job is a real job.  Below are the responsibilities you agree to when you accept a job on campus.
  • Arrange a work schedule with the supervisor that is compatible with your class schedule.
  • Report regularly and promptly to work as scheduled by your supervisor.
  • Arrange for absences in advance with the supervisor and call the supervisor directly to report an unavoidable absence before the scheduled work hours begin.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of departmental and student records.
  • Complete a timesheet according to the payroll schedule and retain a copy of each timesheet submitted.  Your signature indicates that the hours submitted on the timesheet are accurate.
  • Regard the job assignment as an employment opportunity and the supervisor as a potential reference.
  • Attempt to resolve any employment issues with your supervisor.  If the issue cannot be resolved, notify the Center for Career Services as soon as possible.
  • Report to work only when the University is open – not on University holidays or inclement weather days (see Employment Handbook for more details).

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