References, Recommendations, & Transcripts


Do no list references nor 'References Available Upon Request' on your resume.  References are listed on a separate sheet of paper the same print style and format as the resume.  References are provided only when an employer specifically asks for them. 

References – Make them work for you!


Asking people to write recommendations for you for graduate or professional school or a prospective job requires some thought. You want to approach someone that has known you for a while and can attest to the things you know best and your performance as a worker or student.

People to consider asking for a recommendation would be a professor, supervisor, advisor or coach. Keep in mind when asking for a recommendation that it will take time. Prepare them as much as possible by giving them a copy of your resume and list of jobs, schools, or scholarships to which you are applying.


Some internship and job applications require candidates to submit a transcript in addition to their resume and cover letter. Read the list of required application materials closely as some positions might require an UNOFFICIAL transcript while others might require an OFFICIAL transcript.

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