General FAQs

I want to look for an internship. As an international student, where do I start?

For questions regarding immigration, visas, and curricular practical training (CPT) sponsorship and eligibility consult the MU International Student Services Office director or assistant director or visit the ISS website

Also, for career field-specific internship assistance you should make an appointment with your Academic Internship Mentor (AIM)/Faculty Advisor in your major consult your academic department. This meeting should also include advice on where to look for internships in your field and how to register for the experience in a timely fashion.

Additionally, if you’d like to meet with a career counselor to discuss your internship search contact the Center for Career Services by phone at (703) 284-5960 or via email.

Counselors can help you with internship and job search questions and assist you with resume or cover letter development; visit the Career Services’s website for more information. You can also attend an internship preparation workshop sponsored by the Center for Career Services. RSVP to attend these workshops via your Jobs4Saints account. Also, check out internship and job listings via Jobs4Saints and several online resources and databases.

What do I need to do in order to hold an internship off campus while I’m in school?

You will need to meet with a staff member in the MU* International Student Services Office (ISS)* to ensure that you are eligible to work while you are in school, and you will need to find an internship position that relates to your area of study. The ISS Office can provide you with guidance regarding the process; you can also consult with your Academic Advisor and Career Services. Remember that you must find an internship position that is strictly related to your field of study.

Am I allowed to get paid while I do my internship?

Before accepting any paid internship, consult with the staff at the International Student Services Office to determine if you are eligible to have a work authorization through Curricular Practical Training (CPT) otherwise, you could violate your F-1 status. Visit MU’s ISS Office located on the first floor of Gerard Hall (Room 130), call (703) 526-6922, or email us.

I don’t know what I want to do for work. What should I do?

Need help narrowing down your career focus? Try navigating the Explore Careers section of the Career Services website for online resources available to you. Or make an appointment with a Career Coach for advising or ideas on how to use your degree. You can also visit the Career Services Resource Library located in their office, Rowley Hall – Suite 1005, for more information on what you can do with your degree.

Are there links on the Career Services website for international students interested in exploring internship opportunities?

Yes! You’ll find those here. Scroll to links for “International Students” then visit the links of interest.

What if I have a question that hasn’t been answered here?

One of the most effective ways to get answers and plan for your internship search is to meet with your Academic Advisor, then with both the ISS and the Career Services staff. To make an appointment for general or career field-specific internship counseling, simply call the Career Services at (703) 284-5960.

FAQs for International Students

Can I get credit for an internship I’m already doing?

Usually not. There is a process for registering for an internship, and there is a course you must register for along with your other courses by a specified deadline each semester. Thus, you cannot obtain credit for an internship you are currently engaged in or have already completed without following the routine registration process.

Can I use my current job as an internship for academic credit?

No. You may work with your current supervisor or someone within the organization to create a new position for you that relates to your major, but you cannot use your current position as an internship.

Do I need to have my internship details finalized before I register?

Yes. You need to have been offered and accepted a position before you register. Your contact information and the position description are required to complete the registration process; you must also submit your completed Internship Agreement Form to the Center for Career Services.

What are the requirements for an internship?

All undergraduate students who have advanced in their major, which is typically at 90 credits, are required to complete an internship. All internships for academic credit must be at least as long as one semester in duration and the work should be no more than 20 percent clerical. Typically, Marymount students complete a 6-credit internship, which calculates to approximately 10-20 hours per week (240 hours = 6 credits). Other departments and schools may designate additional criteria or have different credit requirements. Contact the chair of your academic department to learn about specifics for your academic area/discipline.

Can I get paid if I’m getting credit for my internship?


It depends on your employment status. If you are a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident with work authorization, you may accept compensation for an internship. If you are pursuing your education under an F-1 student visa, then you must contact Marymount’s International Student Advisor to determine whether or not you may accept compensation for an internship.

Earning credit is based on the substantive nature of the internship (20 percent or less clerical) and not on compensation.

How do I register for an internship and what is the deadline to register?

You may register for your internship just as you would any class during the registration period for the fall, spring, or summer semesters. You may add an internship up until the last day to late register for or add a class in the fall, spring, or summer semesters (summer session III). You must have met all prerequisites, secured the internship position, confirmed your work schedule with your site supervisor, and completed an internship agreement form prior to registration. The student and his or her academic internship mentor/faculty advisor must agree upon and document the credit value of the field experience, depending on the nature of the academic component and the number of hours required for the work component. Academic departments may have additional requirements so check with your academic internship mentor (AIM)/faculty advisor. The recommended standards for academic credit may vary, but typically they are 240 hours a semester for a 6-credit internship experience or 120 hours for a 3-credit internship experience (most internships are 6 credits).

You must submit a completed and approved Internship Agreement Form with signatures from your internship site supervisor, AIM/Faculty Advisor, and the Center for Career Services (or your associate dean) in order to register for the internship course. Once you have all signatures on the form, you should keep a copy for yourself, supply a copy to your site supervisor, and to your AIM (taking a copy to the Registrar is optional) in order to close the loop to register for the internship experience. It is encouraged that you consult with your academic department for specifics about registering for the internship course.

Who and what is an AIM?


AIM is an acronym for Academic Internship Mentor a Marymount faculty assigned to work with and advise students throughout the internship experience. The AIM may be the student’s direct academic advisor or another faculty assigned by the particular academic department to advise and assist the student through his/her internship experience. Some of the duties of the AIM include approval of the selected internship, sign-off and collection of internship paperwork (agreement and evaluation forms), facilitation of internship site visits, communicating with both the student and internship site supervisor to help troubleshoot any concerns throughout the internship experience.

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