Course Descriptions

ED 581 Foundations of American Education for School Leadership

Surveys the historical, philosophical, theological, and sociological roots of American Catholic education in the context of education in general. Examines the ministry of Catholic school educators through tradition, history, mission, and current practice as well as their role in evangelization, lifelong faith development, and building a school community. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 582 Building School Community Relations

Provides the knowledge, understanding, and application of the conditions and dynamics impacting a diverse school community. Participants develop an understanding of the primary role of a school leader in building school community relations. It also emphasizes ways to involve the entire school community, to put faith in action through social justice and prayer, and to build a school’s Catholic identity based on its history, tradition, and rituals. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 583 Administration in the Schools

Examines the theories, research, and practices of leadership and management of educational organizations such as motivation theory, decision making, effective communication, conflict resolution, consensus building, and personnel issues. The Catholic school administrator’s role will be examined in relation to the various constituencies within the school community and daily operational activities. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 584 Advanced Curriculum and Instruction for Educational Leadership

Prepares educators with knowledge; understanding; and application of planning, assessment, and instructional leadership for roles in the K-12 school setting at the supervisory or administrative level. The emphasis of the course will be planning, implementation, and refinement of standards-based curriculum aligned with instruction, assessment, and instructional decisions as they affect the teaching and learning environment of the school with diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious, and special needs populations. The implications of current reform movements, issues, and trends in curriculum will be explored, including using principles of student motivation, growth and development, gathering and analyzing data to develop and implement a school improvement plan, identifying competencies and target areas in need of attention, and integrating technology in curriculum and instruction. As part of the Administration and Supervision program, the course will also focus on providing leadership in school wide curricula that incorporates religious education and Christian values in the curriculum. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 586 Current Issues in Education

Topics will vary and will address current trends and contemporary challenges facing school teachers and administrators such as personnel, legal, safety, and current curriculum issues; standardized testing, including the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs); the use of technology and other issues related to the managerial, instructional, and spiritual dimensions of school leadership; and school/community relations. The curriculum has also been arranged to accommodate the specific and unique needs confronting Catholic school administrators in light of the needs and issues confronting any school principal today and in the future. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 587 School Law

Addresses legal issues applicable to both public and private schools: structures of the law; the legal process; and the legal rights and responsibilities of educators, parents, and students. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 588 Educational Leadership and Supervision

Examines leadership theories, principles of school supervision, and ministry while developing concepts, attitudes, values, and skills necessary to establish and maintain a school climate that fosters the teachings of the Catholic Church. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 589 Fostering Moral and Ethical Development

Studies the major theories of developmental psychology related to moral development with an emphasis on current research and best practices to promote ethical behavior within the particular dynamics of Catholic schools. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 591 School Finance and Development

Addresses effective strategies in business management, school plant management, budgeting, accounting, fiscal planning, and fund-raising tasks of schools as well as those issues facing Catholic school administrators. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 592 Administrative Issues in Special Education

Examines the legal rights of all children to gain an appropriate educational experience and provides a variety of strategies for inclusion of children with special needs and the celebration of diversity within the school community. Participants also identify the forces that drive Catholic schools to fully educating exceptional learners as well as the barriers that restrain them. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (3)

ED 593 Project, Thesis, or Internship

Provides a practical application of the skills and strategies acquired and developed throughout the Administration and Supervision program. The project and internship components will closely resemble real-world conditions actually encountered daily by practicing educational leaders. Students who select the thesis option will use high-quality writing skills to present issues that are well substantiated by current research based data. Students seeking licensure must choose the internship. Prerequisite: admission to Administration and Supervision program. (6)

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Administration and Supervision (M.Ed)

Administration and Supervision (M.Ed)