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Marymount University was established by the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary. After graduation, Sociology students are eligible to participate in the RSHM volunteer program, which is an opportunity to share the RSHM mission working especially with women and children for their own development and liberation.
  • Volunteers serve in Immokalee Florida.  Immokalee is a rural agricultural community and one of the major centers of tomato production in the United States.  Like many other agricultural communities, Immokalee experiences numerous social problems brought about by the low incomes provided to farm workers.  But the community is also home to a range of social-service agencies and community-based organizations working to address these social problems and bring about social justice.  Foremost among these is the internationally renowned Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a grassroots worker- and community-organizing project focused on improving the lives of farmworkers, challenging modern-day slavery, and developing alliances between farmworkers and consumers. 
  • Volunteers work in education, legal services, tutoring, advocacy, and many more ministries. Placements include: Legal Services of Collier County, Immokalee Housing and Family Services, Catholic Charities, Guadalupe Social Services and Immokalee Community Foundation.
  • Volunteers commit to upholding five RSHM values: community, spirituality, simple living, social justice and zeal.
  • Program benefits include: room and board, medical insurance, monthly stipend of $150 and an Educational Award of $3,500 at the completion of the year.
Please visit the RSHM website: for more information. Their application is available online and accepted on a rolling basis.

Top 10 reasons to serve in a volunteer corp after college:
  1. The opportunity to serve others - You will be able to give of your time and talents to help those in need. Chances are you will find that you receive far more from those you serve than you can give.
  2. Excellent work experience - The agencies need you and are willing to place you in leadership roles that most other places will not. You will gain valuable skills that will help you no matter what your field of interest.
  3. The opportunity to live in community with other volunteers - Many volunteers find this to be the most rewarding and the most challenging part of their volunteer experience.
  4. The opportunity to live and work in a place culturally different than your own - You will be challenged to adapt to a new environment and understand how different people live.
  5. Committing yourself to living a simple lifestyle - Living on a small stipend will offer you a chance to examine your lifestyle decisions and how those decisions impact others, You will find it is quite the challenge to live simply when surrounded by so much.
  6. Working for social justice - Poverty and injustice do not exist in a vacuum. Serving the poor and marginalized is a means of raising your awareness about the institutions and structures that contribute to economic and social inequalities.
  7. Stipend, room and board - All programs ensure that their volunteers have the necessities.
  8. Health insurance - Most programs will provide you with health insurance during your term of service. Be sure to ask the particular volunteer program in which you are interested what their policy is.
  9. Student loan deferment - During your time of volunteer service, you may not have to make payments on your student loans. Be sure to ask the particular loan program in which you are enrolled to learn more about their policy.
  10. Education award - Some programs offer an education award after completion of the term of service that can be used towards student loan repayment or to advance your education.

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