What is a Marymount criminal justice internship?

The internship is an opportunity for criminal justice majors to apply what they have learned throughout their coursework at Marymount to a workplace setting. Students must complete a minimum of 280 hours of on-site experience (approximately 20 hours a week for the duration of the semester) at the internship site in order to pass the CJ 400 internship course.

Who should do an internship?

All criminal justice majors complete the 6-credit internship course (CJ 400) as a requirement for graduation. We recommend you begin the search for an internship at least six months prior to when you plan to begin your internship. Many of the criminal justice internships require background checks, which often require some advance planning.

When do criminal justice majors complete an internship?

The internship is a senior-level capstone experience. Students are eligible for the internship after meeting the CJ 400 prerequisites: Senior status (90 credits) and permission of the internship coordinator (completion of all major requirements except the Senior Seminar Course CJ 495). The internship lasts for one semester/term and may be completed in the fall, spring or summer.

How and when do students find internship sites?

It is each student's responsibility to find an internship site by contacting sites and applying directly. The Center for Career Services provides resources for students searching for an internship.

Students should apply for the internship course using the following website:

Students apply online using the jobs4saints link. This prompts an email to the Marymount University Internship Coordinator. Once the faculty internship coordinator approves the internship, an email is sent to the onsite supervisor. After both the internship coordinator and on-site supervisor have approved the internship then the student will be registered for the CJ 400 class.

Where have recent criminal justice majors done internships?

Local Police Departments (e.g. Arlington County and Fairfax County)
State Police Departments
State Department
Secret Service
United States Army
United States Marine Corps
Center for Missing and Exploited Children
International Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Sherriff's Department
New York City Department of Investigation
Minnesota Department of Corrections
Washington DC Public Defender's Office

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