Student Work & Research

Investigation into a Homicide Suspect Recidivism Risk Assessment Instrument

The goal of this project – being done in collaboration with a local law enforcement agency – is to determine if any of the information, which is available to homicide detectives when a suspect is first charged, can be used in such a way to help determine which suspects, if released, are most likely to be rearrested for another homicide (or other serious violent crime). Students are involved in data collection and analysis.

Identification of Stressors Experienced by Female Federal Law Enforcement Officers

Utilizing members of the Women in Federal Law Enforcement organization, students and a faculty supervisor have created a survey to assess organizational, occupational, external, and personal stressors in female federal law enforcement officers. The results of this study will be presented to members’ respective agencies via an executive summary in order to identify areas for organizational and individual change and improvement.

Child Custody and Termination of Parental Rights Study

A student, working with a faculty member, developed a project to examine factors various professionals consider when involved in custody and/or termination of parental rights evaluations. The student assisted with development of a literature review, materials that will be used in the study, and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) submission. Students will be involved in the data collection as well as analysis.

Psychological Autopsy Research

Psychological autopsies are evaluations that assist in determining manner of death (e.g., suicide or accident). Although these evaluations are utilized in a variety of settings, little empirical research has been done on this topic. Students are currently involved in a study that seeks to examine factors individuals consider when conducting psychological autopsies and the potential impact that training can have on the conclusions drawn by evaluators. Students have participated in the creation of the stimulus material, specific research questions, and IRB submission. In the future, students will assist with data collection as well as analysis.

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Forensic & Legal Psychology

Forensic & Legal Psychology