Graphic and Media Design (B.A.)

Develop your individual unique talents:
Class sizes are kept small so that students can work closely with their professors to explore their creativity while developing skills in graphic design, digital photography, illustration, video production and motion graphics – while learning how to design in multiple media including print, Web, interactive and social media. 

Employment opportunities after graduation:
Our graduates are employed in the high-demand fileds in graphic communication and media design at corporations, government agencies, design studios, advertising agencies, book magazine and newspaper publisher, web and mobile app developers, exhibit design and video and motion graphic production companies.

Many of our graduates continue our program’s mission of designing for change by pursuing careers with national and international nonprofit organizations dedicated to the betterment of environment, social justice, and cultural and historic preservation.

Some of our entrepreneurial spirited graduates have started their own very successful, design firms, advertising agencies, and web development companies. 

What alumni are saying:

“I've worked closely with my professors on real client projects which broadened my skills in illustration, videography and photography and enabled me to receive two graphic design internships at Graphek Graphic Design Studio and at the Air and Space Museum.”  – Sara Elbayya, class of 2018

"My experience as a Graphic Design Intern for Monumental Sports & Entertainment was very beneficial as I was able to work with many diverse mediums and further understand the tangibility of design when applied to real world settings". - Emily Bielen class of 2018 

Leah-Morrison.jpg"I was comfortable working with real clients and handling multiple deadlines before I even graduated. As a result, finding an internship abroad and a job so soon after graduation was possible.

Being a part of the Honors Program I was able to create independent course work one-on-one with design professors. My senior thesis was a great topic of conversation and unique resume builder when I began my job search." – Leah Morrison, class of 2015

"I was constantly pushed by my professors to think outside the box when it comes to designing. This helped to prepare me for my internship at Discovery Communications" – Danielle Baker, class of 2016

"The professors happily share their wealth of knowledge from decades of industry experience and are really the heartbeat of the program." Shawn Preston, class of 2015

"While studying abroad in London I was able to make indispensable connections with designers and creative minds from all over the world."  Amanda Ghobadi, class of 2016
"My degree equipped me with the necessary tools to apply my previous military work experience to a new set of skills allowing a fluid transition into a new career as a media specialist."  April Evans, class of 2015

"Minoring in philosophy, taught me ethics and morals relevant to the field of design."  – Jennifer Wong, class of 2016  

"Knowing and understanding the principles of design I learned keeps me grounded and able to create no matter what type of design." Victoria Meyers, class of 2013, M.F.A. Exhibit Design 2016

"Upon graduation I founded a web multimedia, exhibit, and interactive design studio, completed my MFA in Film & Electronic Media at American University, and now work as a filmmaker for the National Park Service. Not only was I prepared with the skills I needed to be successful, my desire to have a positive impact and make a difference through my work." Sarah Gulick, class of 2005, M.F.A. Film and Electronic Media 2013