Fine Arts

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Art with K-12 Licensure 
(B.A. in Art)
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The Department of Fine Arts offers courses in diverse media that focus on creating, studying, and evaluating works of art. Our programs of study prepare students for a career as a practicing professional artist, or as a certified art teacher. We have also consulted with other departments on campus to determine proper classes to take within a minor or second major (e.g. Business Administration, Psychology, Computer Science, Media Design) to best prepare our graduates for employment in a wide range of arts-related professions:
  • Art Therapy
  • Art Criticism
  • Arts Administration
  • Gallery Management
  • Museum Education
  • Art Conservation
  • Antiques & Auction
  • Scientific & Medical Illustration
  • Advertising
  • Animation
  • Publishing
  • Product Design
  • Stage & Costume Design
  • Game Design
Untitled-3-edit.jpgApart from these career paths, studies have shown that majors in the arts are actually MORE likely to find employment after graduation than are graduates from career-focused majors. Art students develop skills in creativity, visual communication, cultural understanding, and hands-on problem-solving, plus they bring excitement, dedication, and self-confidence to their work. This broad set of skills and attitudes are exactly what employers demand in our changing economy, and graduates with a major or minor in Fine Arts can move with ease between different sectors of the job market. For this reason, graduates from Art programs (and those in the Humanities in general) are finding long-term career achievement in a wide range of fields. 
TRO_7613-edit-(1).jpgImagine coursework that applies to a broad range of careers, rather than limiting you to just one. Classes where you leave feeling more alive versus worn out. Assignments that encourage you to make objects with your own hands and shape your environment.

Imagine your world.
Imagine art.


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Art with K-12 Teaching Licensure (B.A. in Art)


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