Post Professional Degree

The M. Wilhelmina Boldt Interior Design Program offers two programs leading to a Master of Arts in interior design. The post-professional degree is for those with an accredited undergraduate degree in interior design or architecture.

Degree Requirements

34 credits

Year 1 - Fall

  • ID 600 Research in Interior Design
  • ID 626 Graduate Seminar
  • ID 607 Graduate Practice Studio III

Year 1 - Spring

  • ID 608 Graduate Practice Studio IV
  • ID 697 Thesis or Design Research Project Proposal
  • ID Elective (see list below)

Year 2 - Fall

  • ID 698 Thesis or Design Research Project 
  • ID Elective (see list below)
  • ID Elective (see list below)

Year 2 - Spring

  • ID 699 Thesis II
  • ID Elective (see list below)

Interior Design Electives

  • ID 512 Furniture Design Seminar
  • ID 515 Field Study and Advanced Rendering
  • ID 522 Environmental Behavior Seminar
  • ID 524 Design Methods Seminar
  • ID 525 Health Care Design Seminar
  • ID 527 Ecological Interior Design
  • ID 535 Illumination and Acoustical Design Seminar
  • ID 536 Technology for Interior Design Seminar
  • ID 538 Graduate Color, Light, and Human Perception
  • ID 545 Graduate Construction Documents
  • ID 553 Modern Design and Architecture Seminar
  • ID 554 Historic Preservation Seminar
  • ID 558 Interior Design Study Tour
  • ID 590 Practicum
  • ID 595 Graduate Directed Research
  • A maximum of 6 credits (two courses) may be chosen from other areas of the graduate curricula, including Business Administration, Education, Human Resources, and Humanities. Approval must be received from the student’s advisor prior to registration.
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Interior Design (M.A.)

Interior Design (M.A.)