SBT Minors

School of Business and Technology Minors 

Welcome! All Marymount University students can pursue a Minor offered by the School of Business and Technology. If you’re earning a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree or a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Degree (BSIT), a Minor is the most common route to customize your program to meet your interests and to complete the program requirements. 

However, the Minors offered by the SBT are available to all Marymount students.  Regardless of a student’s major, jobs MU students will ultimately hold will typically be in a setting where understanding business and/or technology principles will be extremely beneficial. The addition of an SBT Minor to any major is a means of creating a highly customized program to meet students’ interests and provide them with the credentials and skills that employers in the “What’s Next Economy” expect. And the SBT’s newest Minor, a Minor in Entrepreneurship, offers students the opportunity to develop a creative and innovative mindset with which to start your own business or bring that mindset to any workplace.

Below is a listing of all of the Minors offered to you, Marymount University students, by the SBT. 

Business Minors

IT Minors