Student Work & Research

Undergraduate students are encourages to conduct an original scholarly endeavor in the information technology field and present their work to the academic community, both at Marymount and at computer-related conferences.

Students enroll in IT 433 Research and can work directly with any member of the full-time faculty who supervises the project. The full-time faculty currently conduct research in information security, virtual reality, data management, open source software, technology for health care, and other areas.

Examples of student work and research include:

  • Configuring an Internet Firewall for a Typical Small Business
  • Testing Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Creating a Second Life Presence for Marymount University
  • Creating Classroom Exercises for Computer Security Courses
  • Establishing a local Computer Help Desk for the School of Business Administration
  • File-sharing among College Students: The Student Perspective
  • Establishing a Departmental Web site for the Information Technology Program