Applied Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a fast and growing field with many job opportunities. The Applied Cybersecurity specialty is designed to be more open than the Networking and Cybersecurity specialty, allowing students to tailor their specific cybersecurity courses to specific cyber job needs. Students select and complete specialty courses in the cybersecurity domain. Students can transfer up to 4 cybersecurity courses (designated IT 903) into the specialty.

All IT majors take coursework that builds on the foundation provided by the Liberal Arts Core and IT core. A specialty allows student to tailor their IT degree to fit their individual interests and goals.

Applied Cybersecurity Specialty Requirements

  • Five (5) courses in cybersecurty that have been approved by the program director, including transfer credits designated as IT 903.

Courses approved by the Program Director include: 

  • ​IT 903 Cybersecurity Transfer credits (1 to 4 courses)
  • IT 229 Python Scripting
  • IT 315 Operating Systems
  • IT 335 Corporate Cybersecurity
  • IT 360 Topics in Information Security (Cybersecurity Focus)
  • IT 390 Cybersecurity: Attack and Defend