Information Technology (B.S.)

Information technology drives innovation in health care, the sciences, engineering, business, entertainment, and education. Classes emphasize hands-on learning, and courses are aligned with industry certifications such as CompTIA’s A+ , Net+ , and Security+ . If you’re looking for a career with staying power, consider information technology.

In addition, to learning the fundamentals of the information technology discipline, students also choose a specialty area of study, including 

Marymount's information technology undergraduate and graduate programs are coordinated through The Cyber Center in the Ballston Center, fourth floor. The web site provides information on the various programs, events, resources, jobs, and internships. 

Marymount undergraduates who wish to accelerate their progress toward completion of the Master of Science in Information Technology can apply for the pre-M.S. option. Students accepted into this competitive program begin their studies toward the M.S. in Information Technology while completing their bachelor’s degree in IT or another discipline with a minor in Information Technology.

Students with a major or minor in Information Technology can supplement their undergraduate graduation requirements with up to 12 credits of specified graduate IT coursework during their senior year.

Program Options


Scholarship Opportunities

Marymount University is a recipient of the National Science Foundation grant for the CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS) program and offers 3 or 4 of these prestigious scholarships each year to highly qualified students interested in a cybersecurity position in the government.

Highly qualified female students may be eligible for the Clare Boothe Luce Scholarship for Women in Science and Mathematics, providing full tuition and room and board. 

The Cyber Center

Visit the Cyber Center's website for details of the cybersecurity programs and events at Marymount University.