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Transfer Credit Evaluation Processes

One of the first questions students ask when they are trying to decide if Marymount is the best fit for them is, “How long until I graduate?”

Understanding the transfer credit evaluation process:

Marymount University generally accepts credits for courses taken at a regionally-accredited institution within the last ten years and completed with a grade of C or higher. A maximum of 64 credit hours from a two-year institution and an additional 20 credit hours from a four-year institution (for a total of 84 credits) can be applied to a degree. Credit acceptance is at the discretion of Marymount University. 

All articulation agreements between Marymount University and area 2-year and 4-year institutions can be found on the Registrar’s Website.

If you have attended a previous institution that is not listed on our articulation agreement, your credits may need to go out for review in order to determine how those credits can be applied to your program here at Marymount. This process can take several weeks, so we encourage that you submit your official transcripts as soon as possible.

If you attended an international institution, additional information may be required. You will need to submit a WES or ECE evaluation along with your transcripts. In order for your credits to be assessed, we will also require syllabi for your previous courses. Be prepared to submit syllabi for your courses.

“How do I know how these credits are going to apply to my program?”

Email! In the School of Business and Technology, Alexandra Fee is the contact person for all incoming and prospective transfer students. Took a couple of courses at a different institution and want to know whether your Math course will satisfy our Math requirement? Email Alexandra with a copy of your transcript (unofficials are fine!) and she will be able to provide a degree plan tailored to your previous coursework.